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Wednesday 27. Februaryta 2019

Note to the wedding menu

Note to the wedding menu Wedding banquet dishes are generally not limited by taste schools, the raw materials do not require very expensive,... Lue lisää


Monday 10. Decemberta 2018

Precautions for taking wedding photos of Chinese traditional costume

The popularity of more and more Chinese wedding photos makes the style of Chinese wedding photos become more and more diversified. Many bride and... Lue lisää


Saturday 08. Decemberta 2018

How to choose a wedding photographer

1. Look at wedding photos taken by the photographer Remember this: quality is better than quantity! 5 years anniversary of marriage, you looked... Lue lisää


Friday 07. Decemberta 2018

Be a pure and sweet maid of honor

Bridesmaids are the second most closely watched wedding apart from the bride and groom. Although the bride is the main character at the wedding,... Lue lisää


Monday 12. Novemberta 2018

Create a good beginning engagement ceremony preamble opening remarks

There is a wedding host, there is a wedding speech, then these engagement ceremonies are still indispensable. Today, I'm going to give you a... Lue lisää


Friday 09. Novemberta 2018

Wedding homemade creative candy box teaches you how to make a candy box

Of course, you should prepare a special wedding candy box for your wedding. If the box is made by the couple themselves, your friends and... Lue lisää


Friday 22. Juneta 2018

Wedding day schedule

?Outgoing firecracker ??The bride's mother took her new shoes downstairs and the groom changed them for her. The bride's mother set off... Lue lisää


Wednesday 20. Juneta 2018

Don't steal the spotlight from the couple

?Requirements for Chinese wedding dress: ??Generally speaking, Chinese weddings don't require a high level of dress, as long as the guests are... Lue lisää


Friday 15. Juneta 2018

The northeast wedding process specifically analyzes the local custom notes

?Everyone knows that people in northeast China are very generous and simple, and due to the regional differences, there are some different customs... Lue lisää


Wednesday 13. Juneta 2018

?Wearing qipao, the bride's hairstyle feels the most graceful and classical beauty

?Cheongsam is one of the best choices for the Oriental bride. The waist-bone feeling bride can wear a charming and charming charm, while the plump... Lue lisää