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Style secrets from Danish influencer-turned-designer, Anine Bing

Danish blogger-cum-designer, Anine Bing, has the kind of effortless, off-duty model style that has seen her namesake fashion label—which is modelled on her own wardrobe—become a staple of cool-girl closets everywhere since Bing and her husband launched the label out of their LA garage in 2012.

The former model was one of the original fashion influencers, having built a large and loyal following through her blog, and later Instagram, thanks to her chic hybrid of Scandinavian and LA style. After not being able to find the perfect pieces for her own wardrobe, combined with a very successful sale of some of her own clothing online, Bing told Vogue that it felt like a natural extension of her style to launch a label.

“[It was] a mix of not being able to find the perfect jeans, that perfect oversized blazer, and white T-shirt, combined with… selling out some old pieces from my closet,” she explained during a visit to Sydney to launch her first Australian store. “I was kind of bored at home with my little daughter, who was a one-year-[old] back then. She’s sitting on the floor, and I posted a hundred pieces [of my own clothes] for sale. One hour later, it was all gone. And I was like, ‘Wow, this is just my size.’ And, it was gone. [So I thought] maybe I’ll try it again. And, I tried [it] again [a] few days later, [and it was] gone. And that’s when the idea came to me [about launching a brand]. Okay, if I create more sizes and actually make my own clothes, I think I have something here.”

Bing started working on her first collection while her husband Nicolai Nielsen—who is also Danish—got to work on production. “Back then, it was just me and my husband. He knew production, my husband. So, we went down to Turkey… and I brought a couple of my vintage pieces from my grandmother’s closet. I brought, maybe 20 pairs of different jeans, and [I’d say] I like this wash... but I like this pocket. And… since I wasn’t drawing myself, we just had to be creative in the way we did it in the beginning. You know, because I could like sketch a little bit, but not perfectly, so they had a whole team there, helping my visions come to life.”

Thanks to Bing’s loyal fan base from her blog and Instagram (her personal account currently boasts 766k followers), the couple launched the brand out of their garage with “a little web shop” and the sales started to flow in immediately. “I had built the community, so from day one, we had sales. And then, we slowly built it from there. Then, adding on more products, and all of a sudden we got into stores, because I was wearing the brand myself and walking with it on the streets of LA, and then... the buyers from the cool stores came up to me and asked what the boots [I was wearing] were. It just organically grew into what we are today.”

Today she has 15 brick-and-mortar stores around the world, as well as having her eponymous brand stocked in more than 300 stores, including e-tailers like Net-A-Porter. The label also has shoes, jewellery and a small unisex childrenswear range that Bing revealed came about when her own kids wanted to dress as cool as their stylish mum. “My daughter was like, ‘Mom, I want a leather jacket.’ And my son [said], ‘I want that cool T-shirt.’ So, we decided to do [mini versions]. It’s just a few pieces for now, I plan on keeping it that way. I also thought the kids market is either too cutesy or too boyish, so, I kind of wanted to make these unisex pieces [that] are just cool, you know? And, they can play in [them], but still look cool.”

Speaking of “looking cool”, Bing’s Scandi-meets-LA-cool style is a key reason her brand is such a success, and no conversation with the designer would be complete without asking about her sartorial secrets. “A great pair of denim [jeans]. Zip-up boots. A white T-shirt,” Bing revealed are her wardrobe staples. Adding: “It’s so simple, but you can just wear it with anything. [Plus] a blazer and a leather jacket. And, a white fitted shirt. Because if you have that, you can mix and match, and it’s just so easy. And, that’s my go-to pieces for days when I wake up and don’t know what to wear. Then, I just go to those same pieces, and [they] take me through the day.”Read more at:http://www.queeniebridesmaid.co.uk/blue-bridesmaid-dresses-online-uk | http://www.queeniebridesmaid.co.uk/grey-bridesmaid-dresses-online

Kirjoitettu Friday 29.11.2019


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