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Be a pure and sweet maid of honor

Bridesmaids are the second most closely watched wedding apart from the bride and groom. Although the bride is the main character at the wedding, the bridesmaid can also dress up without stealing the bride's spotlight. Small make up recommend to everybody this pure and lovely Korean style short curl hair style, very good reduce age effect, and let a person look especially sweet. Let chic inclined cent bang and nifty braid hair union, originally dull hairstyle adds vigor. Ideally, the short hair is not complicated to handle, and it can be done in a short time by mastering the art of hair editing and some key points.

Korean bridesmaid hairstyle steps

1, first of all, the hair partitions, were divided into the fringe area, rectangle at the left and the right side of the rectangle area, respectively with hairpin, cheeks two keep proper hair amount, this will help to spread the part with the rest of the hair better.

Korean bridesmaid hairstyle steps

2. Use the preheated curling iron to curl the hair outside the zone. The natural texture will be rolled back on both sides, and the natural texture will be rolled down in the back zone.

Korean bridesmaid hairstyle steps

3, will tell the rectangle area on the right side in the form of a three-ply braid down modestly, retain a certain volume of natural woven braids down to the ear, braids that pushes the programmed with the hand, to adjust to the best volume.

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Korean bridesmaid hairstyle steps

4. The left side of the rectangular area is also arranged on the ear with the method of three-strand braid, and fixed with a hairpin after adjusting to the best pousiness.

Korean bridesmaid hairstyle steps

5. The braid posterior area is the occipital upper area, which is combed with pointy tail in order to be combed backwards.

Korean bridesmaid hairstyle steps

6, will do bang to into a natural fleeciness flow, and then choose one of your favorite band, can not only increase the fashion sense, also can have a perfect shade bang and the role of braided line, oh.

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