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Create a good beginning engagement ceremony preamble opening remarks

There is a wedding host, there is a wedding speech, then these engagement ceremonies are still indispensable. Today, I'm going to give you a speech about the engagement ceremony.

Create a good beginning engagement ceremony preamble opening remarks

The engagement speech

Sunny, song and laughter, auspicious, in this beautiful days, I am very honored to be here miss XX and XXX Sir Engagements, let us together to witness and share the joy of the newlyweds, spent a very happy and unforgettable happy days.

The engagement speech

Now let me briefly introduce the basic situation of a young couple. XXX is a X town temple at the end of the village people, graduated from guangdong province shenzhen science and technology school of computer and network engineering, founder technology in qingyang customer service center in the computer repair work now although parents to do business. XXX is a native of xiaohugou village in XXX town. He graduated from no.4 middle school of qingyang city. They were introduced by XXX and XX to know, understand and love each other. It was a voluntary and voluntary decision to hold the engagement ceremony today

The first item; Betrothed by the mother-in-law to her family. Due to the limited time of XXX's family doing business outside the country, it was agreed by both parties that all kinds of betrothal gifts and festivals should be completed once today in the form of "package delivery". The second; The ancients said. 'no marriage is two families, and a marriage is one family.' invite two families to drink a cup of wine, indicating the establishment of the children's family.

The third; Now let's give a round of applause to the most beautiful miss XXX and the happiest Mr. XXX. .. (applause.)

Now may I ask Mr. XXX:

Would you like to be engaged to miss XXX by your side, rich or poor, forever?

Please give me a round of applause.

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May I ask miss XXX: would you like to be engaged to Mr. XXX by your side, be it poverty, rank or wealth, till forever?

Please give me a round of applause.

A man must marry, and a woman must marry. On this big day, there are two young people's parents who should be the happiest. Parents worked so hard to put you up, education, training, you had a lot of effort, starting today, parents see you really grow up formally, a pair of children today officially real engaged, hope they in the construction of good good, on the basis of a happy family, unite as one to build a career success! I suggest that our guests give your applause to the great and loving parents of a new couple! Now please: parents from both sides on stage! The parents of both parties shall wear a heart lock to their beloved daughter-in-law and son-in-law, which marks their engagement. (applause).

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