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How to choose a wedding photographer

1. Look at wedding photos taken by the photographer

Remember this: quality is better than quantity! 5 years anniversary of marriage, you looked at pictures of their wedding day, will let you touched of is not have many pictures recorded the air of that day, but have so a photo, so a moment, let two people moved to tears will flow from the heart. Can a photographer promise to "take no less than 800 photos"? Can. How did he do it? He photographed you lighting cigarettes for every guest, he photographed the flowers on the dining table 12 times, and he also photographed a wedding baume. It's a shame we don't even see a couple of pictures of the bride and groom in many wedding photos.

Choose the style you really like

Photography is a personalized creation, and everyone can take different photos. To find a suitable photographer, we need to see his works and understand his style. If the basic style of the photographer is acceptable to you, you can discuss your need for details with him. But no matter what kind of style, great pictures speak for themselves, and a photo tells a story. Some photographers are more maverick, others are more traditional, and different newcomers can accept different styles.

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Take a look at the original photo taken by the photographer

Many beautiful pictures are not taken, they are made. You know, it's hard to reuse a bad original when it comes to your hands, and seeing the original is the only way to see the true level of the photographer.

4. Post production level

General services including photo finishing, post-production album or electronic albums, making large prints or posters, it is recommended that you, according to a set of system to choose a photographer to provide this photographer facilitate the overall grasp the focus and the style of photography, and the service to provide you with the style is unified. If you need to post-production, need to know if there is a professional graphic designer later writing again, produced by photographer and graphic designer to design the albums in general will make you satisfied. Of course, if you don't want any post-production, you need to consult with the photographer. The important thing is to negotiate the price.

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