My Country Home

Syvis & Friends | 30.08.2010 | Country

Lazy Jaken säveltämän kappaleen My Country Home sanoitettu versiointi.
Sävel: Lazy Jake
Sanat ja Sovitus PC:lle: Syvis Entertainment
A Johnny Cash-clone is needed for a singer!

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My country home (2010)

During the great depression of the last century
a poor mother gave birth to a baby boy
he took his first steps, played with his wooden train toy
on the white oak kitchen floor of his country home.

I was that small boy growing up running free
once I fell from the yard fence, got a big scar
there I learned to strum
the first chords from my guitar
under blooming apple trees of my country home.

The moment I saw Kate at the desk of the store,
I knew that I would marry that girl
she had blue and white checked shirt and blond hair
I bought a sack of flour
felt scent in her curl.

I carried her over the doorstep of my house
as the newly wedded happy countryman's wife.
But only after seven years
lung cancer took her life
sadness and guilt filled my country home.

I moved to the city, wasted time at the bars
I was still deploring my harsh destiny.
Unemployed some part-time jobs
I was not looking for
I missed my country roots,
wheat fields and vast tranquility.

Sitting in my rocking chair on the lonely porch
picking strings, looking at how my sunset wanes
Son, when I've passed away,
would you spread my ash remains
to the garden soil of my country home.
to the garden soil of my country home.
beside the dearest rose of my country home.


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