A Traveler

Syvis & Friends | 22.08.2016 | Ballad

Yritin tehdä jotain progressiivissävytteisempää. Tulevaisuuden muisteluita Kuun pimeää puolta kauempana. Vokaalissa jälleen RnAM duo, lapsikuoro vocaloideilla.

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A Traveler (2016)

Once I was a traveler
sailing through the clouds
of the young universe
Son, I have seen the worse,
sandstorms, huge rocks dispersed.
But there was a special place
forgotten paradise
a flourishing embrace
in the middle of dust and ice.

In a drifting space craft
a traveler and his child
a half-finished guidebook
to the finest pearls in the wild.

Now, I'm a wanderer
looking at the trail
of a lone asteroid.
Son, there are other orbs
that are warm
but they won't fill this void.
The locals called it Earth
the pasture of my psalm
the valley of your birth
a jewel laid on my palm.

In a drifting...

I had met a girl before the dusk began
drought, pollution stained the precious of a man.
Her appreciation of divine creation
helped me through the wait in vain
for the saving rain.

Wish I could show you her grave
she was the reason to stay
the last rose in my bouquet.

In a drifting...

Things the years have left are these
fading memories
stories of a traveler to share
from a father to an heir
old wisdom
the tree of life
to respect and care.

I recall the skies in royal blue
I recall the leaves in every hue
I recall the woods in luscious green
I recall the lakes were pristine clean
I recall the snow in virgin white
rainbows in the spectre of light.


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