The Last Time I Cried After A Woman

Syvis & Friends | 14.12.2015 | Soul

Muutaman lapsuudenmuiston ympärille rakennettu tarina. Vuoden 2015 miksaus. Laulaja tälläkin kertaa vuokrattu Supreme Tracksiltä.

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The last time I cried after a woman (2009-2010)

The last time I cried
the last time I cried
the last time I cried
after a woman woman woman.

In the kindergarten
two flowers on the wall
we were the silent ones
too coy to play the ball.
One day on the schoolyard forever separated
grieving, injustice was so hard to quell
then I decided not to shed a teardrop
for another heartbreaking farewell.

The last time...

I saw you kissed a boy
I didn't mind
memories of your wedding
I have left behind.
I let my dove go fly over the high walls
I was the one who was living in the cage
fed by the leavings, paid for sensations
a stone cold actor at the red lantern stage.

The last time...

So many tears of arguing
you could have taught to me
the success and hardship
the essence of the real love
remained mystery.

The last time...


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