A Game Of Chess

Syvis & Friends | 09.05.2016 | Ballad

Ankea tilitys elämän houkutuksiin lankeamisesta, kuin viritettyyn ansaan kävelemisestä shakkipelissä. Vokaalit purkitti RnAM duo.

Palautetta biisille Band-in-a-box käyttäjien foorumilta: http://www.pgmusic.com...;Main=51670&Number=356770#Post356770

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Kappaleen sanat

I can still remember you
loosened hair, eyes greyish blue
simplified equation, you and me
always thought that it was meant to be.

Temptation of my fate
I fell into its cute bait
a move that seemed so logical
ended in a bitter stalemate.
Life is like a prolonged game of chess
many little moves without success
why would I go for a sacrifice
if my frugal life won't be
worth its price?
Common interests, souls agree
convinced myself I'd found a key
always thought solution would be clean
just put in their right places king and queen.


I am helpless by the wall
your new castle makes me small
beautiful position black and white
broken by the force of a foreign knight.



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