A Life To Live

Syvis & Friends | 13.03.2018 | Light Rock

Useless to stay waiting for retirement or divine sign, start your life here and today.

Music & lyrics: Syvis
Vocals: Syvis & Miira

8.00   222 plays


I'm sitting by the stream of life
skipping stones without a plan
there's only one sure thing
I'll meet Charon the ferryman
"you still have a life to live".

I'm sitting at the stop of life
asking God to give a sign
if I wait 'til the pearly gates
he'll tell he sent a daily line
"you still have a life to live".

I see the light I hear your call today
I take the first boat and I float away
no more fear that I would go astray
I find the words been scared to say:
I have a life to live.

I'm sitting by the tide of life
waiting for my pension age
if I now fast forward
I'll reach my terminal stage
"you still have a life to live".

I see the light...

The lighthouse of reason is my guide
through the fog of uncertainty
surfed on the waves of consciousness
the caring hearts supporting me.


No more wasting time
on the dock of the bay
I hold your hand
and we seize the day
we canoe the bridge of the dawning ray
we find the easy words to say:
I have a life to live.

"The stream has no end no beginning
time is a journey to its being
leave some ripples when you row
give your share for its flow."


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redlerx 07.11.2018
Huomasin, että tässähän jalka naputtaa lattiaan :) . Raikkaat saundit ja tarttuva biisi!
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