Wolfhorde | 01.11.2008 | Folk Metal

Music: Werihukka
Lyrics: Hukkapätkä

10.00   1345 kuuntelua

Kappaleen sanat

On the sky his last star fading
Straight into hell, he's raving
The world is a trap enclosing
No one gets out of here alive

'Someone get me out!'

All those skulls roll on his feet
as he tries to sleep
Crushed are the bones around him
Cold voice chanting: "Life is grim"

Digging his own grave, he had his share
Soil is rough, cold and bare
Hands broken and bleeding
All alone in the pit he's weeping

Hear the calling from beyond
their rotten flesh craving for you
Awaiting the embrace
to discover the beauty of this disease

'I found what's mine, stay away!'

Last day for him, will be tomorrow
ending up to ground where the crosses grow
Rising again from the ashes of death
No rest even on his dying bed

Now everything is too late
Every chance blown and gone
Even the no man's land
is brighter to live on

Goddamn little voices
trying to fuck with me!


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