We Share the Trails

Wolfhorde | 27.12.2008 | Black/Thrash

Music: Werihukka
Lyrics: Hukkapätkä

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Bridges are burning, escape lives no more
We have gathered again in our lair

Chanting our mystical songs, black thru' core
Shadows spinning wildly 'round our cave

Do join the chapter
for the reverend’s dead
Bring forth the ales
as we share the trails

We are the Wolfhorde
Ready to rend you apart
Cutting our way to your heart
sliced in two
we just laugh for you

Canine is this breed of ours
Rituals are ready for the judgment hours
Our minds have been forced to be vicious
Our hearts pump the blood so ferocious

No way to run, we're here for you
Winternight's we command
Lowlife scum, you've been a fool
you're soul we demand

Passion for the pain, legacy of insane
Your lunacy attacks our ears

Rage and hunger ruling free, 'cause
Our hate for you is fierce

Legions of wasteland
all joined the cause
Bring forth the ales
as we share the trails


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