Through the Eyes of a Wolf

Wolfhorde | 01.11.2008 | Folk Metal

Music: Werihukka
Lyrics: Hukkapätkä

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Man of mysteries, full of fear
seeks the triumph of night
No one dares to feel for him
Bane blooms forsaken by light

Wintergods spit on his face
the coldest winds of north
Beast within is taking over
as his quest is riding forth

Only the furry and winged ones
have ever seen his true form
Borders of men have declined him
Befouled before he was born

Through the Eyes of a Wolf
he wants to see his world
To protect those who care
and bury those who burned

His condign nightmares at day
are ruling his lovelorn mind
Struggling to keep the demons at bay
Trying to be kind

Loneliness eating him up from inside
Leaving but an empty shell behind

Black ravens over his head
are well aware, he's insane
Searching a way to turn
into one of man's bane

*Midnight's sun will cure your curse of humanity*

Murdered souls are yelling
voiceless in the dusk
and we just cover our ears


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Erus 23.11.2008
Ite en laittais hitaisiin kohtiin karjuntaa, sama toistuu muissakin biiseissä. Muuten biisit toimii melkosen hyvin.
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