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"It took some time and digging around
But I have finally found you
No one is safe if they stand in my way
I am hellbent to destroy you
Finally, the wait is over, I can attack
The taste of his blood, I never wanted it so bad
Formulated a diabolical master plan
You can't escape
I won't stop until you are dead!"
Snuck up right behind him and injected him with shit
Made him damn near paralyzed
Especially his dick
"Now I stand before you, a monster of a man
I will kill you with my bare hands!"
Our hero tried to fight the drugs but they were much to strong
His nemesis had pulled him close with two giant arms
Through a crooked smile he began to shriek
"It's almost too easy!
I'll throw away your goggles and I'll throw away your cape
I'll pin your arms and make sure your belt's tight around your waist
You're just the same old kid again I beat up at The Rocks
No one's gonna save you now, not even your cock!
Now that you are in my grasp
This constricted breath will be your last
Crushing you until your death
I'll show you who's the best!"
Our hero's vision fades to black
And as he fell down on his back
His nemesis stood over him
With one foot set on his chest
With great power comes great responsibility
These words keep echoing inside his head
"If I don't get up he's gonna kill me
This is far more than a fight with a bully
This is a monster that you'd see in movies
Fight through the dizziness, Fight through the drugs
Think about titties all soapy with suds
Undo your belt, your life depends on it!"
Adrenaline makes his heart pound
As he stands up
His pants are still on the ground
And with the power of his boner
He starts to fight with all of his might
A sucker punch, an uppercut
A quick left/right
The nemesis hits the ground and looks up in shock
Huge Cock Mutant screams
"Is that all you got?
You're no match for my cock
Bring it on!"
Turned to his foe and said
"It's your turn to feel the vice"
His cock lunged for his enemy and coiled around him twice
Picked him right up off of his feet
And flipped him upside down
Repeatedly began to smash his head into the ground
"I'm gonna make sure this city is safe
And all of you villains will learn to fear my name
Huge Cock Mutant
I'm gonna make sure that it's scratched into your brain"
The nemesis begged to stop the fight
He said he'd forever be out of his sight
Apologizing as he cowered in fear
And Huge Cock Mutant said, "Let's get one thing clear,
There's good and there's evil, there's no room for both
And evil is no match for my chode
So tell all of the criminals and tell all of your friends
I will defend Finland until the end!"
Some call him hero, others vigilante
But one thing's for sure
He is the new savior of Savonlinna
Evil doers beware
Using his powers for the greater good
New enemies will rise
From petty criminals to super villains
He will fight to keep his city safe


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