I am Caligula

Relaxative | 15.07.2015 | Hardcore Punk
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Kappaleen sanat

"Miltä tämä sinusta tuntuu?"
(How does this make you feel?)
Like I'm ten feet tall
Like Mel Gibson
Face painted blue
In that epic movie
Where he played that Scottish dude
Bigger than Poseidon
Hades or Zeus
I'm not just the hangman
I am the fucking noose
Feeling bigger than The Beatles
Or internet porn
Bigger than Ares
He bows to ME as his god of war
Feeling like the universe
Is mine to control
I am Caligula
I am the Caesar
I feel like I'll live to see
Another million days
Swallowed the sun
And still had room for an all you can eat buffet
Like Megan Fox
Before she fucked with her face
Bigger than Relaxative
Not really, but it's second place
Bigger than a massive shit
After eating tacos
Bigger than your boyfriend's dick
Or Barbara Streisand's nose
Bigger than yoga pants
And all that camel toe
I am the Caesar
I am Caligula
Bigger than Jupiter
Bigger than my droopy balls
Bigger than you
Does that answer your fucking question?


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