Hookers And Hallucinogens

Relaxative | 19.05.2015 | Metal
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Ecstasy, mushrooms, LSD
Cocaine, mesculine, PCP
A bottle of whiskey and shit tons of weed
I'm ready to party
Just got thrown out of the Den of Sin
Looking for someone to go tripping with
I am willing to share all of my medicine
This shit is starting to kick in
I've melted my brain
But these hookers are great
Throat's gone dry
Bleeding nose
Surrounded myself with hookers and blow
A girl with three tits is talking to me
Something about teeth
And how they hollow out
And fall out of your mouth
What said that?
What the fuck?
Which one of you said that?
I know it was one of you who said it earlier
And I was understanding clearly almost
But it's ok now
Because these people are here to help me
And it's ok because I shared my stuff with them


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