Dick Tater

Relaxative | 11.10.2015 | Metal

Lyriikat ja laulu: Kenneth J Power & Sean Murphy

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Follow the leader, for he is me
I am your dictator
Your saluted deity
Feed my ego, I need your love
Fawn over me, give me your trust
I beg you
Calling all minions, I want everything you got
You gotta do my work, complete my deeds
Cause I'm everything you're not
Don't look behind the curtain and don't question the status quo
I got a bed of lies, and realize, that I run this fucking show
So you sweat and build my kingdom
As I bleed you brick by brick
You're all give and I'm all take
Until it's time for you to split
Now remember where you came from
Because I sure fucking don't
Been taking the cred so long
And doing dirty deeds you won't
Now I don't want to hear your truth
I just wanna use my spin
Fuck your girl, take her coin
And never deal with her again
I got lawyers on speed dial
And court dates round the clock
I'm deluded and psychotic
But I never walk the walk
Double dealing blackmail
Treachery and hoax
Dupery, duplicity
Extortion song and dance
Theatrical and shallow, spurious and fake
Playacting and unnatural
False, contrived and feigned
Power hungry, backstabbing
Blaggard fucking punk
Counterfeit sellout
Selfish fucking cunt
Sad, conceited, arrogant
Loudmouth narcissist
Dickless fucking bitch
Ass, fool, buffoon, clown, idiot
Moron, nitwit, stooge
Sucker, birdbrain, blockhead, bonehead
Clod, cretin, dimwit, oaf
Fathead, twit, sap, dope, clod, donkey, imbecile
Ignoramus, simpleton, incompetent victim
Bravado and delusion
Deception and facade
A falsefront pretense, sham and stall
Self righteous fucking fraud


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