Melodic Metal

Rebels Evermore 22.11.2004


This is actually the only song here in outside my Ultimate Metal Trademark album. This is from the MIND-A-STRAY demo named "Anamorphica" back in 1995 and tells a sad story about a bunch of criminal cowboys who travel the land with their horses, looding and robbing places, raping women and what not. Once one of the cowboys gets a bullet after a screwed up robbery and he will be dead soon. The bunch rides to a distant, safe corner of a desert to spend the final moments with their dear friend with whom they rode together throughout all of their criminal and hunted lives.
The dying...

9.08   22 7330 kuuntelua
Melodic Metal

Valley of Misery 13.02.2012


TAAS Uusi ja LOPULLINEN versio (23.10.2021) hittibiisistäni.
Miksaukseen tehty vielä sata korjausta ja parannusta. Nyt pitäis potkia kuin kiimanen härkä suoraan korvien väliin. Toivotaan.

9   6 559 kuuntelua

Free Falling 11.09.2012


This song tells a story about failure that I have had in my life and how I have coped with it.

10   4 457 kuuntelua
Instrumental Rock

Sad Life Philosophy 19.07.2009


This is the fourth song out of U.M.T. album and I composed this for my friend's funeral who committed suicide back in 1997. His father found him all face blue and limb and dead in the morning from Harri's room, with hanging from his shirt on a door-handle.
You really should pay attention to the lyrics, sincfe I know for a fact that this song has saved many people from committing suicide.
This song was earlier here in Mikseri and was in over-all number #1 position on the charts for 8 consecutive weeks and entered chart heaven. (Oletusarvo, paina muokataksesi)

8.83   2 842 kuuntelua
Progressive Metal

Sign of Victory 29.10.2012


The best song ever! Period.

10   2 346 kuuntelua
Power Metal

Live on Me 22.10.2021


F**king LIVE ON ME!!

-   0 31 kuuntelua
Thrash Metal

Holocaust 19.07.2009


Pure thrash metal into you face!

Everybody knows that a ain't a rasist nor I support nazism - merely just the opposite. What happened in Germany and Europe back in 30's and 40's of the last century, is one of the most unbelievable and shameful things in the history of the eras of madness in a written history, almost solely due to the lunatic geniosity of just one madman, who succeeded on getting lots of people on as his supporters.

Nazism was a plaque, and deserves to be written lyrics of - and no in a supporting way but completely the opposite.

These are one of the best lyrics that I've...

8.5   1 992 kuuntelua
Melodic Metal

Valley of Misery (original version from 1997) 19.07.2009


The most successful of all of my songs. Millions of downloads worldwide during over 10 years.
Some people think that this Ultimate Metal Trademark (1996) version is much better than our so-called high-quality studio versions made later on. This really possesses some original garage sound and the real down-to-earth feeling to it. Like the rest of the songs from the Ultimate Metal Trade mark-album also.

Of that I have grown to be very proud of during these times of over-polished, equally-sounding crap that everyone produces these days.

8   6 3098 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Nemesis 24.07.2013


Tää on naisille jotka vaan ei vittu voi jättää mua rauhaan vaan pummivat, pöllivät, valehtelevat ja ovat muuten vaan paskapäitä. Hyvät ja älykkäät naiset ovat aina tervetulleita.

-   0 350 kuuntelua
Noise Rock

My Lovely Babe 19.07.2009


Heh, this song really is something deviant from the rest of my material :)

The rock'n'roll scale song made to my earlier girlfriend back in.. I can't remember when. A good live song, none the less!
Especially people, who are not so much into metal, seem to LOVE this. On the other hand, those hard-core so called 'metal music professionals' seem to act like the regular rock polices and they always have some nagging about this song.

Well, after all it will be ringing in your head for a while - liked it or not. And all the rock polices especially in Finland, don't bother commenting!

6   0 596 kuuntelua

STEAMTRAIN 04.10.2011


Kuuntele tämä uudelleenmiksattu ja -masteroitu versio. Tämä halkaisee kallosi !!

8.5   4 628 kuuntelua

Last of My Kind 18.12.2011


Strange experimenting about which one of my friends said to me that I should try to sell this to movie studios & game companies. Which I will do. Listen and think for yourself what a hell this is. Strange, lurking, hiding, hunting.. Whatever it is this have some very Scifi-genre overall feeling to it.

7.67   0 428 kuuntelua
Thrash Metal

Beyond the Violence 07.12.2011


Aion tehdä uudestaan alusta loppuun alunperin vuonna 1997 julkaistun Holochaust-albumin ULTIMATE METAL TRADEMARK ja tässä on ensimmäinen kipale tuolta levylt nimeltä Beyond the Violence.


What's beyond the violence?
What wars are for?
Lots of ruin and pain for non-existent score

what's beyond the violence?
What wars are for?
Destructive nature using more and more...

The unpredictable war

Reason to kill, inside of us
Law of the man
Too much to ask, too much to do
To understand

Destruction of humanity, our sanity
No future, present or past
Stopped history

By war


8.4   4 419 kuuntelua

STOMP 08.09.2012


This was the very first song & riff trial made with my LINE6 guitar pedal back in 2010. Enjoy!

10   1 292 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

I Wanna Lie 19.07.2009


The third track from the U.M.T. album.

One of my first songs. The lyrics ain't probably so deep-meaning; they just tell about a guy whos whole life is based on cheating, lying, borrowing money, selfisness etc. So I guess, just maybe some of you folks know a person who lives like this. I do at least, so writing the long lyrics-wise was easy.

Main rhythm guitar riff bunch your brains out and is still very simple. Tempo is a bit on the lower side so I guess it's still heavy metal. Who cares about the categorizes anyway...:)

4   0 646 kuuntelua
Melodic Metal

Going On 02.10.2020


This one tells about the everybody's unavoidable must of having to just go on everyday, even after the worst imaginable things has encountered us, like they eventually do - no matter how we live. Since this is "just life"; we have to face its all aspects - however horrible they might be.,

-   0 38 kuuntelua

The One That Got Away 09.09.2012


The song made to my love, Tinja, that I lost because of my drinking. I hope that our memory will live with this song.

-   1 393 kuuntelua
Melodic Metal

The Dawn 04.04.2012


a Song about the amazing and peaceful feeling of an early summer morning just before sunrise.

5.5   2 242 kuuntelua
Melodic Metal

Town of Silence 10.02.2012


This piece of sadness and melancholy was written in the late 90's in the windy and rainy November night in my earlier hometown Savonlinna, with my friend. You can really relate to the peaceful a little sad feeling of the silent night only a few cars driving slowly on the road under the dim street lights..

8.25   2 182 kuuntelua
Thrash Metal

Killer Spirit 30.01.2012


Tässä biisi joka äärimmäisellä tavalla kuvastaa murhaajan murhanhimoa - ikäänkuin minä siitä mitään tietäisin! Mutta voisin kuvitella että tältä se tuntuu. Jos ei sanojen, niin AINAKIN BISIIN SUHTEEN!!

6   1 199 kuuntelua
Progressive Rock

Tinja, Tinja 23.11.2011


Biisi jonka tein ryyppäämiseni takia menettämälleni elämäni rakkaudelle, Tinjalle, syntymäpäivälahjaksi vuonna 2008.

God I love her still... RESPECT, Tinja \m/

4   2 256 kuuntelua

Sinister Vanity 30.09.2011


Tää tehtiin hirveessä kännissä 2008 tyyliin kunhan alettiin säätämään jotain. Biisi oli korruptoitunut kun entinen kone leikkas kiinni mut sain kursittua tämän kasaan.

4   0 216 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

No Longer Exist 19.07.2009


This song (also from the UMT-album) tells a story about a family man who loses his whole family due to the actions of a cruel murderer and the criminal gets free without sentence due to the lack of evidence.

This family guy then takes the justice to his own hands, since he knows the truth and goes after the murderer for a final vengeance of death. (Oletusarvo, paina muokataksesi)

4   0 499 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Guilty of Greed 19.07.2009


This song reflects on the nature of on of the strongest deadly sins and feelings in human life; Greed.

Greed can destroy your whole life, with very seldom gaining you anything good and positive.

The lyrics are about an archeologiest who just can't resist going deeper and deeper inside tha ncient pyramide with the consequence of getting lost and trapped with all the riches in world in his lap

The question is; Can you enjoy them in that position? Is money and all the riches in the world after all so important??

Personally I think that if I can eat, sleep, buy a few things that I love -...

6   1 497 kuuntelua
Stoner Metal

Calm Before Thunder 19.07.2009


You're a peaceful dude?? Ever felt that you're being mistreated and that silent rage just slowly keeps building inside of you?

"Beware of the peaceful man's rage", they say. They tease and abuse you until you finally crack and then all hell breaks loose.

I'm talking by my own experience and I have to say that my past has made me 'colder' and very much more careful and in some ways even aggressive during the ywars. The result is that nobody steps on my feet again or breathes my ear.
I was calm but I have become a type of a thunderous personality - but that's only a good thing if thinking...

4   1 771 kuuntelua
Atmospheric Sludge

Old Enough to Die 19.07.2009


Ever wonder about growing old? Seeing those poor elders fighting over their survival on hospitals, wheel-chairs and with all the diseases and strong medication makes you scared? Well, that's what we all are facing up to - wether we wanted or not.

This songs lyrics focus on our society that seems to handle the helpless elder just by hospitalizing and institutionalizing them - keeping their mouth shut with sedatives and strong pain-killers and with who-knows-what kind of m>.
I have seen soooo many examples of this kind of abuse and frankly - even if I ain't a saint of any kind - it makes me...

4   1 587 kuuntelua
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