Old Enough to Die

REBELROCK | 19.07.2009 | Atmospheric Sludge

Ever wonder about growing old? Seeing those poor elders fighting over their survival on hospitals, wheel-chairs and with all the diseases and strong medication makes you scared? Well, that's what we all are facing up to - wether we wanted or not.

This songs lyrics focus on our society that seems to handle the helpless elder just by hospitalizing and institutionalizing them - keeping their mouth shut with sedatives and strong pain-killers and with who-knows-what kind of m>.
I have seen soooo many examples of this kind of abuse and frankly - even if I ain't a saint of any kind - it makes me feel sick. We keep talking about our seemingly healthy and prosperous society while the people who cannot contribute on the well-being and financial income of the big corporations and society anymore, are just cruely pushed aside - out of sight - as kind of a 'compulsory task'. Like we could almost here the so-called hypocrite elite of society saying: "we can't kill them - but can't live with them either".

Capitalistic society, like Finland, really should take an example and learn from the ancient tribes etc., who live very simple life, and where the elders are the most respected people within their society and they are ALWAYS well-taken care of.
Well, frankly I hop I'll die before I get old. At least, then the pain that awaits is over before I have to confront it.

~Tommy Dee~ (Oletusarvo, paina muokataksesi)

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