REBELROCK | 19.07.2009 | Thrash Metal

Pure thrash metal into you face!

Everybody knows that a ain't a rasist nor I support nazism - merely just the opposite. What happened in Germany and Europe back in 30's and 40's of the last century, is one of the most unbelievable and shameful things in the history of the eras of madness in a written history, almost solely due to the lunatic geniosity of just one madman, who succeeded on getting lots of people on as his supporters.

Nazism was a plaque, and deserves to be written lyrics of - and no in a supporting way but completely the opposite.

These are one of the best lyrics that I've ever written, and the song itself was (as this very same version) in #27 position within 20,000 metal songs in Garageband.com competition a few years back. With these sounds, done with the equipment with the value about 100 dollars, I'm proud of it. Like it or not. (Oletusarvo, paina muokataksesi)

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Kappaleen sanat

Our lies will live when we die
Out of all those things to deny

These thoughts of evil lingering within
It's no dishonor, it is no sin

There will not always be a paradise between birth and death
There will not always be faith to coming, nor love or wealth
But there will always be..


Your highness of Aryan race
Talking with assuring face
Believe in all he's saying
Talk ain't weak anymore

Ain't cheap anymore, yeah

Slaying down morality
To justify insanity
Slowly fade into the
Black dreams you've always had

Sure from the start
State of the art
Just brainwash the young generation

'Arbeit macht frei'
Work makes you die
Life is the pawn in your game

Pawn in the game you play

The holocaust

Face the holocaust

Cycling the Zyklon-B
Showers of eternity
Throw them in the fire
And bury them on the ground

As long as they die, yeah

Body count philosophy
The monument of victory
Million lives in billion stories
In days are the history

Fear is the play
They serve and obey
Just promise the better tomorrow

The bigger the lie
The better they buy
Truth is a pawn in your way

Pawn in the game you play

The holocaust

Face the holocaust

Deserved to live
I take, you give
You're too much below of my standards

'Arbeit macht frei'
Work makes you die
Life is a pawn in your way

Pawn in the game you play

The holocaust

Face the holocaust

The holocaust

The holocaust

The holocaust

Holocaust, a word of pain
Stations of the hell's train
You're ashes in your own ruins
We know, you know, we all know

Time's up!


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FireBalls 27.11.2011
Selkeät kitarat hivelevät korvaa. Soundit - perfect. Soolo - Perfect.
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