The River Of Eternity

Pop No Harm | 15.09.2022 | Ballad

Syyskuu 2022. Elämässä pitää oppia luopumaan rakkaista asioista, ne ovat vain hetkellisiä pyörteitä elämän virrassa.

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Kappaleen sanat

Water is cold
nobody told
the passage would be easy.
The river concealed
what do you need?
Ask Francis of Assisi.

From riches to rags
goodbye to your bags
belongings that drag you deeper.
A burden to toll
save only your soul
the raft of a river's keeper.

A whirl among the lilies
ripples on the water
born out of chaos
a momentary order.
Returning the borrowed form
from a taker to a giver
farewell to migrants
merging with the river.

From pools to the falls
mortality calls
the bearer of loss is singing.
The memories bind
burrs of your mind
their teeth are harshly clinging.

Let go of your pains
hand over the reins
escort your dear to the shallows.
The evergreen shades
the providence wades
where the solitude swamps the sallows.

A whirl among the lilies...

Beyond time and matter
the mirror of a mind
curves back on itself
back to the undefined
by the river of eternity
the river of eternity
the river of eternity
the river of eternity
the river of eternity
the river of eternity.


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