New Jerusalem

Pop No Harm | 27.08.2008 | Synthpop

Pet Shop Boys-henkinen teos vähemmistöjen tuhatvuotisesta valtakunnasta.

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New Jerusalem (2008)

I shall erect
my church in the holy city
(new Jerusalem)
together we shall build
communion for the tortured souls
(new Jerusalem)
there's no doubt to us
what's sacred, natural
foundation of our cathedral
consent is mutual.

They have muted our voices
they have thrown us to the lions
but day by day we shall resist the evil Babylon.
They have disgraced our beliefs
they have destroyed our sanctuaries
but brick by brick we shall rebuild
the great Zion.

From diaspora
from persecution
to Gethsemane
to Garden of Olives
to haven of the hurt.

I shall breathe life into
the dust of the Temple Mount
(in Jerusalem)
I won't mind the world's despise
I shall worship the new Adam
(in Jerusalem)
this is not a crusade
to convert or enchant
we do not spread guilt of being
wrongly tolerant.

Silent praying
knelt at the Wailing Wall
(my Jerusalem)
no more life in sin
if he would just sanctify
(my Jerusalem)
Our faith is so strong
we won't prophesy old bones
laws are written in our hearts
and not in ancient stones.

Some people say God does not change
Some people say God does not recreate
but who are we to say?


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