Let me feel your wind

Pop No Harm | 29.10.2007 | Bossa Nova

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Let me feel your wind (2000)

I've been running away
from my wildest dreams
as far as I can go.
I'm so scared to reveal
burning love inside me
my hot private show.
Walk into my room
calm down this fire
give me air to breathe
but don't kill desire
let me feel your wind
to touch my world.

I need your gentle care
for this fever in my soul
I can't stop my feet
until I've reached my goal.
Flames dance around me
I'm restless in my own hell
let me wash my ashes
in the water from your well.

I've been too close to the Sun
I've lost my self-control
I'm drifting in space.
I've been blinded by smile
the strongest, brightest light
ever on your face.
Bring me down to Earth
don't push me any higher
after healing days
will your love still inspire
when I feel your wind to touch
my world.


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