Chill Out

Yellow Pill Road 11.05.2007


A study on GABA agonists and guitar melodies.

9.5   5 1353 kuuntelua

When The Student Is Ready, The Mushroom Appears 02.01.2007


Eat the cap, eat the stem too /
Adjust the valve to let more flow through /

8.36   13 2044 kuuntelua

Delicate Decadence 26.06.2005


Giving out signals you can't yet comprehend /
A discount price tag on childhood's end /
With an untouched body and an unbroken trust /
A winning combination for attracting lust /

Does denial /
Lead to revival /
Will a soothing lie make up for an eye /
Once burned by fire /

Feat. a drunk reciting a poem in a tram.

8.33   14 3325 kuuntelua

Skull and Bones 15.11.2004


Lay your head next to the skull and bones /
See the way the pattern grows /
Your creation has left, you must now do without /
The creatures in your walls are trying to get out /

Melted lead and battery acid /
Get down on your knees and humbly ask it /
Now serve yourself, I'm about to feed /
Stay down on your knees and wash my feet /

8.86   9 2874 kuuntelua
Chill Out

Lapinjärvi State Of Mind (Afterglow) 17.11.2003


Those rabid dogs and shots from the trucks /
Midgård lectures and psychedelic drugs /
But search and seek, and you may find /
Lapinjärvi state of mind /

Lapinjärven koulutuskeskus erä 15/2003

8.7   16 7405 kuuntelua
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