I'm Done 02.12.2022


Sonqo's new single I´m Done starts off with a soulful groovy guitar riff that sucks the headphones in close to your head, and soon you find yourself speeding along a hot road in an emancipatory story of cutting the chains of expectations.

"I'm starting to get tired of the roles I see around me, which people take on without even realizing it. Definitions of adulthood’s compartments like smartness and maturity are imposed upon you alongside "do-this-and-that" -life instructions. I caught myself drifting into this role-playing recently, and decided that enough is enough,” says singer and...

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Alternative Rock

When The Leaves Fall 25.09.2022


The newest single When the Leaves Fall paints a picture of those moments when we see a loved one suffering but are unable to influence the situation. Hoping for improvement or the awareness of possible solutions makes the situation even harder to bear.

“These are the most tangible and intimate lyrics I have ever written. The text came about few years ago during a rough time in my life, but the story was only put to music with Kissa’s composition”, Nippi says about the creative process of the song.

“We were searching for a mood that hits you with the darkness of fall as the leaves...

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Alternative Rock

Keep Your Faith 09.05.2022


Keep Your Faith is the second single from Sonqo. This ballad, composed by our guitarist Kissa and lyrics written by the vocalist Nippi, melancholic ground sprouts something new, onwards pushing force, and in the end, blossoms in it’s full glory.

There can be many kind of basis when writing a story, lyrics or creating any kind of art. Keep Your Faith has sprung up from the desire of helping oneself and the listener with a painful experience and to relocate oneself to this surrounding world. At the same time, these lyrics pulped up to remind everyone, how the desire of pursuing your dreams...

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Didn't You Like It Bumpy? 09.05.2022


Didn’t you like it bumpy? is a joyful rock-song, that encourages to take all advantages out of life’s ups and downs. The road might be rocky, but wouldn’t it be boring if it was a constant scuffing on a conveyer? ;) Well, the song shall give some answer. The song was written by our guitarist ”Kissa”, and ”Nippi” as lyricist grabbed it right away, as the riff and tempo was so powerful and even a little impish, and we wanted to make this a song to have fun with. The rest of the band got inspired, and there it was! And we thought this would be an exploding way to introduce Sonqo...

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