KFIED - Planet Of Gapes (mix)

Kfied | 30.06.2012 | Children's Music

Valera Professional!

My friendly neighborhood music equip store owner and I drifted into a little perdicament regarding the quality of (UliUliUli) Behringer™ brand gear yesterday, and he shoved a pair of Truth™ B3031A high resolution reference monitors in my car and told me to "judge by these (you fuck)". He didn't say "you fuck", but I'm most certain that he said that in his mind.

That been said, I got to work, and did this abomination using ONLY those as my reference. No B mixes here, whatsoeverest. Just my lazy ears and Behringers on the line!

One automation track went haywire while exporting but my lazy ass wasn't bothered enough to go back to re-export the shebang.

Distortion is on purpose.

Less/more bass?
Less/more/ mids?
Less/more highs?

Let me know!

Made 100% in the 10-year old Cubase SX 2, btw!

Instrumental/Mix: Kfied

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