Game Over 20.05.2006


A seductive neo-soul ballad. The wailing moog-sound at the end of the song was added there after I got inspired by the 90's Westcoast hip-hop. Music, lyrics, arrangement and the production are all my own.

I have all the instruments and vocals used here also saved on their separate tracks, so if you are interested in doing a remix, you are free to contact me privately and ask for them.

9.68   60 17689 kuuntelua | Biisivalinta (39/06)

Game Over (Live @ Korjaamo, Helsinki) 13.05.2007


Live on stage and on the radiowaves!

9.38   9 3557 kuuntelua

The Creature (Demo) 15.08.2005


A demo-recording from december 2003. I had a cold on the day we had the studio... *cough*
The music, lyrics and the arrangement are mine.

8.85   37 6161 kuuntelua

Game Over (Organic) 20.05.2006


The same song as above, but without the moog in the end.

9.67   3 2737 kuuntelua

Game Over (Cruel Mix) 06.10.2006


Martian Law made this remix!

9.29   5 2233 kuuntelua

The Matter Of All Facts (Live @ After Eight, Pietarsaari) 23.05.2006


A live recording straight from the sound table and without any mixing,so the sound-quality is quite poor. Also the sound volyme is low because of this. Watch out for your ears when you listen to something else after this! I had a fever which is slightly audible from my voice.

9.73   8 3179 kuuntelua

Time Wasted Waiting (Live @ After Eight, Pietarsaari) 01.08.2005


A live recording with a minidisc recorder and one room mic, so the sound quality is sadly poor. But you'll get an idea on what my voice sounds like... Again the music, lyrics and the arrangement are mine.

9.04   33 4995 kuuntelua
Spoken word

Insomnia (Live @ After Eight, Pietarsaari) 23.05.2006


This song is an odd bird, A song that defines itself all over again every time it is performed, because so much is left on improvisation. This is how it went this time!
This too is a live recording taken straight from the sound table just like the song above, and the volyme is again sadly low so beware! I feel sweatty when I listen to this - I remember my fever.

9.75   5 1857 kuuntelua
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