Cheats & Lies

72h | 15.02.2006 | Punk

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Jimmy did that James did that, all you can hear is dirty crap,
People will always lie, it won't stop untill they`ll die
So think twice what to hear, don't be stupid and start to fear
Don't worry if they're talking of you, only you know what's true.

24/7 people talking bullshit
24/7 you have to hear it
Do you know who can be trusted
Do you know that you will be cheated

I used to trust people too, but now I know they will just cheat on you
Broken heart makes up bad mess, brain and mind having depress
If your close ones can knock you down, where can our trust be found
finally everything will be just fine, if you remember to drink enough wine.


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kuollut_marsu 19.02.2006
Tää on iteasiassa aika hyvä piisi...
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