Daughter of Sunset


Music and arrangements by ALL
Guitars,vocals: VVV Mortem
Bass, speech,lyrics: Azoneris

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Kappaleen sanat

Body of the brilliant nightsky
Thee I invoke under your stars
Blue lady – ever expanding and limitless
Thee that form the motion
Motion ending into dynamic eruption

Infinite possibilities I explore
In Dionysic ecstacy
Azure mediator between
the idea and the action
Fullfilled æonics
firmanent upon firmanent-souls

Continuous one
Complementing as none
Oh, space among time
Thine infinity
The hope-sign

” I am above you and in you.
My ecstacy is in yours.
My joy is to see your joy.
Above, the gemmed azure is
The naked splendour of Nuit;
She bends in ecstacy to kiss
The secret ardours of Hadit.”
(LIBER AL vel LEGIS 1:13-14)

Your naked body,
from which all existence springs
Let us unite in cosmic ecstacy
Rituals of the New æon are done
Only for the chance of union
we are now separate
But the essence of my being,you are indeed,
and indeed – I am in need

Solo: VVV Mortem

The stream of your breath I can feel
The voiceless voice of your call I can hear
Bring forth the true life,so I that I could become
vessel for the Universe
From the nightsky down to earth
For us, my love, you have given birth


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MJ Antipope 23.08.2009
Olipa komea kappale. Vaikka pituutta löytyy, niin ideaa on mukana niin, ettei homma käy tylsäksi. Hieno, hypnoottinen ja mahtipontinen veisu. Ja tässä on nyt sitä persoonallisuutta.
Ainut heikkous on jälleen tuo rumpuraita, joka ei alkuunkaan tee oikeutta muulle biisille.
Jos tällaista tulee lisää, niin haluan kyllä kuulla sen.
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