Evening Star

- ALL - | 25.12.2009 | Ballad

A song recorded in the middle of the woods between 12. - 14.6.2009 e.v. Appears on the record "Among them." Song by: ALL
Acoustic guitar/lead vocal: VVV Mortem Backing vocal,lyrics: Azoneris

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From the dim light of my fall you were
but a ray among other, but I was dreaming.
Days turned into nights,months,
and soon into years,
and then to deliverance of sears.

You are the evening star of my life, o brightest one.
The earth and the skies I`ll cleanse for you, my darling.

Begging from myself: "Be there no tomorrow..."
And the surrounding sorrow was afterwards hollow.
That I am dying does not mean that I`m not smiling.
And down into this state, you were first to greet me,
or was that I who was first to greet you...

The laws of time I´ll make unheard for you and me.
All this I do `cause I don`t wanna see, what it is to be me.


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