Logos Sun-Therion

- ALL - | 23.07.2009 | Death Metal

Song from our debute demo "pH:ALL-us (and the alloy of organized sounds through the observation of joyful experiences and reversed muirbiliuqe)

Music: ALL
Guitar, vocals: VVV Mortem
Bass, lyrics, backing vocals: Azoneris
Guest backing vocals: Risto Kurimus (Napoleon Skullfukk)

9.00   728 kuuntelua

Kappaleen sanat

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law
The law of the strong and law for all
Every single star has its sphere
to be cultivated through divine wilL
Beyond stAgnating chains
In nothingness beauty I`ll find
Whereas there is light in darkness
there must be hope among slime
In the spectruM of this existence I see also stones
ShAdows of their being
Conflicts are not needed, yet they tend to arise
as stars descend and the light is extinguished
The battle of conquest has begun
where the stronG ones will conquer

This is the New æon
Celebration of the Thelemic current

LIfe for human being was given
Yet with gods similarities we achieve
Polarities accomplish each other
They unite in love under will
Under the surfaCe I seek my obsession
from all aspects that this world has to offer

Like this & that would manifest above or below?
We are the architects of our subjective Universes

Nuit and Hadit conjoined
Crystallization of pure energy and motion
The manifest of unity
Form of forms
Make love to me
We are 0ne
Slaves are speaking with contradictionary
They utter the voice without seeing the TAO-liKe truth

Solo: VVV Mortem

Logos Sun-Therion
Law is for all


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MJ Antipope 23.08.2009
Varsin äkäistä sahaustahan tämä. Biisi on ehkä hieman tasapaksun oloinen, vaikka lyhyitä piristäviä välijuttuja löytyykin. Todennäköisesti suurin syy on tuo varsin eloton rumpujen nakutus. Paremmalla sovituksella homma toimisi paremmin.
Ainakin nopeutta tuntuu soitosta löytyvän eikä homma muutenkaan takkuile, joten ihan lupaava ensimmäinen demo tuntuu olevan pihalla.
Kuitenkin lisää hiomista ja persoonallisuutta kaipaisin, nyt tästä jäi vähän sellainen köyhän miehen Behemoth-fiilis. Kuitenkin hyvällä tavalla.
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