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...bestselling drum & bass on DJ-Tunes in spring 2016 / Along side with Current Value, Logistics Ect.. .



The Random Society [10 Years]


Past 5 year of The Random Society Recordings have not been anything new pretty much. The label have been pushing out drum & bass to raw previews to masters.


As the blog text about the first 5 Years of the Random Society label tells about some cornertones of the label history the last five years of the running the label have been intense study of generic side of allthough everything what comes to the Drum & Bass.


New artists joined in, as the anologue and digital mastering and the hardware alongside the digital producing came along more. Visual and audiovisual part and new singers, rappers, engineering for example Non Sense Music, Evervynigt, Black Sun Empire, Melting Pot, Voltage Voodoo, Dxpe-Bastard, Wocal, Crime 1 Minister, Toxic Sickness, Bad Taste, Lizzy, Sanna Heartfield, Nina Simone, Katsy AM became apart and as the distribution and contracts and contacts.


There have been not so much going on on the Lame Suckers Radio, TRS-Audio and United Sounds of Drum & Bass but TRS-Black Market ja TRS-Records have released some stuff besides Neurofunk except the couple tracks 2021-2022.


The Random Society Recordings and The Random Society webpages and about 24h of music is litenable primarily on youtube The Random Society and The Random Society Recordings Youtube as podcasts. Couple of albums on spotify mostly melodic around H and minor ends. Some darker material in Doing This podcast and Born Free special album. 1999-2019 Remixes and normal collection of the old breakbeats and halfsteps and the uplifting End of the World album and melodies between the dark and uplifting on the Hearts Resize 1 & 2 + few other releases as tracks, podcasts and albums.


You can spot the future updates on therandomsociety.webador.com






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