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Wednesday 02. Novemberta 2022

Weeping and Teeth Gnashing

Life is shit and then Judas Comes here to set us free White hell is full of scum Black paradise is full of fun I gnash my teeth and decide to... Lue lisää


Tuesday 01. Novemberta 2022

Book Ripping and Night Dreaming

I rip my books I smash my guitars I destroy my soul I'm nothing but a ghoul Hats and chains on the wall Tumult controls in my cabin I'm... Lue lisää


Tuesday 01. Novemberta 2022

Superficial Suffocation

I see pink and i see blue Crusifixes makes me sick Nice and comfy heaven's hearts This place ain't for us Our universe in black is true Self... Lue lisää


Tuesday 25. Octoberta 2022

Supermistake (Flop)

Now you have to eat your pride but i still crawl the same way Then you start ask to me How this world should to be I don't know how the world... Lue lisää


Saturday 22. Octoberta 2022

Suffer Cure

My knees are shaking My head feels dizzy This rough awakening Is my suffer cure Lue lisää


Saturday 10. Septemberta 2022


Anasti arvokkaimman omaisuutein' Anteeks suo en milloinkaan Varasti kauneimman nuoruutein' Rauha saavu ei hautaankaan Lue lisää


Thursday 08. Septemberta 2022

Hair Hair Hair

Stand out the crowd Head to the ground Follow the sound Leads hair towards ground Forever young and more Lustful, mad and wild I love this... Lue lisää


Sunday 04. Septemberta 2022

Great Mystery

Life is a great mystery sometimes we suffer so It's very hard when no-one understands us when people can't communicate themselves How long... Lue lisää


Thursday 01. Septemberta 2022

Walking Stick Wizardress

In that day in the park I saw Wizardress She was beautiful walking with her stick And i just wanna be so free like those birds in the sky fly... Lue lisää


Wednesday 31. Augustta 2022

Black Dots and Moonbeams

Can You see those flying leaves falling down to the ground I always wear long black sleeves Thou can hear it by Piper's sound I am the one... Lue lisää