Salma | 23.06.2008 | Pop
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Chicka chicka dee my sweet cherry

Hey you're a man
I'm a W.O.man
I understand what you're about
It's in your eyes and no suprise
I like the way you've been checking on me
Give me attension
I like the me in you
Nobody can move as static as you do

This game is dangerous
You wanna see me moving
This game is dangerous
And boy you've got me stoned in love

Chicka chicka dee my sweet cherry
Give me one for the money
And two for the road
More to get hot baby here we go
Mouth to mouth
Breathe out breathe in
Skin to skin
Red-hot within
I like this game
I have no shame
Just feel the flame
And shout my name


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Tuomi 09.08.2008
Rehellisesti sanottuna parasta Salmaa tähän asti. Yksityiskohdat kruunaavat kaiken.
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Dexteri 25.06.2008
Aikas yllätys minulle..jos soundi maailman pystyy vielä tekemään parempia ratkaisuja, kysymyksessä olisi ihme.Mitä biisin tulee, jollain tavalla tutun oloinen .
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