6xvair 22.06.2017

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(Aleksi Niemi) 13.02.2015

You sure know how to play your guitar! I am a fan of blues and this recording is going to be one of my favorites. Please don\'t stop playing!

Smuli 17.03.2010

Great work, man! Really liked it!

Markosan 10.02.2010

Howdy cowboy, really nice music. Very strong... You got yourself a new fan in Park57. Hopefully you'll do more live-events.


Hello you! I'm just fine. It's 2.21 a.m. I'm just living for the night.

N.L Your only one 10.09.2009

Thank you my love! That's all I can say. I got no words...

Harald Peninsula 10.09.2009

I like your new love-vibe song.. It's for me right? at least that's what i thought according to the lyrics. Anyway, come for some steaks n' beers tonight'! It'd be brilly to see ya again! With love, Harald your only one.

Larry Peninsula 16.08.2009

Thanks! Many of my fans like you seem to enjoy my special bonuses. Remember to join my fanclub too. It's called the Peachula.

skokey 16.08.2009

your beach sounds like peach. No offence.

N.L 01.08.2009

I can really feel the feeling in "Memory worth remembering". That song feels so true when I think of yesterday and all the adventures we had! :)

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