Verminous (promo 2007) - Track 01

Recorded and mixed by Pasi Sipilä

9.80   2746 kuuntelua

Kappaleen sanat

Where is a proper solution?

Oh, time, my friend
Stand by my side
If I fall behind, wait
And I'll be okay

Hesitancy controls me
If I'll be nothing but a spirit
Will I perish in the shadows?

Confession for once
Both upwards and down
I am prepared

Place me next to my father
Let the sigh of fondness blow my soul away

The trail of justice can not be found
Drowned is faith rich and profound

Dig me a grave
Show me the vermins and fill me with them
Never free
I want to see through eternity

Some beings cry, scream my name
Beat their broken wings
My heart no longer beats

Failed, desolate
A disaster
One with the legs and pure silliness
I beg you - fulfill my expectations in case I believe


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Kallemania 27.03.2008
Menoa piisas. Loppu oli hyvinki komea. Ehkäpäti paras näistä uusista biiseistä.
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