Taste of Freedom

Dyryth | 11.03.2024 | Power Metal

PSYOP-levyn 4. raita

Now I take my first step back in control
Still I play my part
Hoping that they yet suspect not a thing
Think they still have me

But there are some things I can never fool
My body turns against itself

Taste the air of freedom
Yet it won't last long
The killswitch has started ticking
Cruelty of my masters
If they can't have me
Then neither will I have my life

Now I vanish off the grid
Untraceable until I screw up
Yet they will certainly come after me
Salvage what they can

Desperation hangs heavy in the air
Was it all for nothing?

Taste the air of freedom
Yet I'm not alone
Not the only one escaping
Dig your killswitch out
If you dig mine
And we'll have a little more of time

9.00   66 kuuntelua


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