Power Metal

Nightmare Re-Entry 11.03.2024


PSYOP-levyn 1. raita

Fall into the deepest black
Modern witchcraft takes control of the fragmented mind
Like a puppet on a string
And the master knows exactly what he's gonna pull

Once a weapon
Always to be
Freedom and life to be denied
Your mission is death
Deep subterfuge
Trained to obey the nightmare begins again

Horrors that you now witness
A part of your mind keeps screaming in futile protest
Death only release
Yet it eludes and you know your journey must go on

Once a weapon
Always to be
Freedom and life to be denied
Your mission is death
Deep subterfuge
Trained to obey the...

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Power Metal

Out of Reach 11.03.2024


PSYOP-levyn 2. raita

Like watching my body below
I'm aware but I have no control
The acts of terror I do and that are done to me

All the layers, safeguards in my brain
Poisons coursing deep in my veins
Making sure I've no choice but to act out my destiny

Yet there's a part they cannot kill
Where I exercise my free will
Needed to make sure I function as well as I do

If that part can take back control
For a moment and they cannot know
Either I die or I could set myself free again

Sanity out of reach
Freedom out of my reach
A cruel mockup of existence
But if I take it back
Whether I live...

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Power Metal

PSYOP 11.03.2024


PSYOP-levyn 3. raita

Grand designs no mere mortal understands
Shaping the future for ages to come
We are the instruments in death and treachery
False flag paranoia order of the day
They always know better than you and me

And they designate
Who to terminate
In silence subjugate
Opposition decimate
Know not 'til it's too late
Remote control decide fate
Visions of a new world they create

PSYOP - The war is lost before it starts
We stand no chance
PSYOP - Most won't even know it's on
No use to resist

Elite-made judgment day it's on fast approach now
Timetable set in stone nothing can go...

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Power Metal

Taste of Freedom 11.03.2024


PSYOP-levyn 4. raita

Now I take my first step back in control
Still I play my part
Hoping that they yet suspect not a thing
Think they still have me

But there are some things I can never fool
My body turns against itself

Taste the air of freedom
Yet it won't last long
The killswitch has started ticking
Cruelty of my masters
If they can't have me
Then neither will I have my life

Now I vanish off the grid
Untraceable until I screw up
Yet they will certainly come after me
Salvage what they can

Desperation hangs heavy in the air
Was it all for nothing?

Taste the air of freedom
Yet I'm not...

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Power Metal

Rain Falls Hard 11.03.2024


PSYOP-levyn 5. raita

If you knew what I do
What would you try to do?
Can't make a difference
Against a power like God

Do you curl up wait to die
In lack of power asking why
Bliss of the ignorance lost
The walls seem closing in

Losing my mind torn apart
In this inaction

Rain falls
Falling down hard
The world waits
Know not what lies ahead
The rain falls
But it can't wash
The bloodstains
Deep in my soul

To oppose is suicide
Wouldn't know where to find
Once outside of their grip
Can't find my way back in

Try to speak up and warn
Would draw endless scorn
Information unwanted
So go ahead...

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Power Metal

Desolation 11.03.2024


PSYOP-levyn 6. raita

Don't tell me that we came so far
Risked everything
Then lay low while the world burns

I tell you that there is a chance
To get back to the fight
But it's insanity a gamble with our lives

I will guide you
I give myself in
The link to follow
Back to processing
You must accept whatever comes to me
Give your everything
This is the one chance that we get

I know too much can go wrong
But I bet on their pride
They must learn what I know

And maybe you will get back to me
Before they scorch my brain
Forever lost to the flood of pain

I will guide you
There's still ways to...

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Power Metal

Past All Limits 11.03.2024


PSYOP-levyn 7. raita

Like a lightning bolt striking my soul
Commitment makes me ready to fight again
An insane time demands actions that are insane
Have to take the chance that I will come to die in vain

Past all limits run and fight
Strike then vanish without sight
Stake everything on insanity
The one chance that has been given to me
Past all limits to the unknown
Killer instinct to guide me back home
Even the elite must admit
Our courage they can't discredit

Put aside all fears and go through our plans once more
The killswitch modified a beacon to follow
Wherever they will take you...

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Power Metal

Crescendo of Steel 11.03.2024


PSYOP-levyn 8. raita

Deadly game use all I've learned
Against my former masters
Know soon I'll be discovered
Then the true war begins

Instruments of death are loaded
Ready to join the raging fire

Deep into their fortress
Face the endless hordes
Commence the inferno
A crescendo of steel
Who'll be left to stand
Are they still in command
My crescendo of steel
Against their masterplan

Wait with dread for the moment
When beacon's distance zero
Mercy death? Something much worse?
Chance of a reunion?

Try to drown the voice of my heart
Their downfall clear in my sight

Deep into their...

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Power Metal

Light of a New Dawn 11.03.2024


PSYOP-levyn 9. raita

Hot ashes floating blowing in the wind
The blood I see, is it mine or my enemy's?
Feel like the battle's over how can I not be dead
Or trapped in masters' construct messing with my head

Never thought I'd see the night give way to the light of a new dawn
Never thought the story could go on
Weary to the bone cannot stop no rest must run away
And I know that I will run to the end of my days

You standing by me again I would not dare to believe
Now we go on to forge our own destiny
Shadow of PSYOP hanging never will it go away
But they're not infallible as we showed this...

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Speed Metal

Reign of Doom 18.11.2020


Dyryth - Guitars, Bass
Cadaver - Vocals, Lyrics

War standard looms against the blackened sky
Twin snakes drawing closer
Master of illusion bends you to his will
No longer in control

Drawing the land under his doom
From tormented mind revenge will bloom

What does not kill you makes you stronger
Years spent on the wheel of pain
Gathering knowledge and cunning until
It's time to cross paths again


Path of revenge has led to his domain
To the final encounter
One last attempt to take away your will
But he will fail

Freeing the land from his reign of doom

8   1 96 kuuntelua
Speed Metal

Valeria 18.11.2020


Dyryth - Guitars, Bass
Cadaver - Vocals, Lyrics

All of my life I have been alone
Facing death and no-one would know
Let's grab the world by its throat
Until it gives all what we desire

Even the gods
Can't take us apart
I'd come back from depths of darkness
I'd return
From the pits of hell
To fight again .. fight at your side!

The spirits will ask a heavy price
But I'm prepared to pay what is needed
They will try to take him tonight
If they succeed, then you will follow!


And now the time has come to pay the price
But who would want to live forever?

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Power Metal

Dyryth & Cadaver - Will of Steel 11.01.2018


Dyryth: Guitars, Bass
Cadaver: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards


Disgraced and questioned
But it's only you that can know the way
Leading to the unknown
When you get there it might be in vain

But no-one else has the right to decide
What sets you aflame
Stand before the world, the quest is so vast
It might drive insane

Stand or fall
Give everything through the agony lasting
Now begin
To live through this hell or die in defeat

Will of steel
The one thing remaining
That cannot be taken
Never kneel
If there's no path
You can always go straight through
At the end
You might get your...

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Power Metal

Dyryth & Cadaver - Sword of Truth 25.03.2017


Neo-klassista power metallia Ynkän henkeen Dyrythiltä ja Cadaverilta!

Sävellys, sanat, laulu, basso, syna, kitara: Cadaver
Kitara: Dyryth

9   1 172 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Kaatuneiden sali 03.11.2015


Kliseinen hevibiisi Odinin juhlasalista, kaatuneiden salista!

-   0 129 kuuntelua
Power Metal

Stay on the Move 03.11.2015


Tästä kunnon neoklassista power metallia kansalle! Muistakaa pysyä liikkeessä! Laulu ja sanat: Cadaver - päivitetty versio hieman matalempaa uusilla lauluilla!

-   0 111 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

MK ULTRA 2.0 30.12.2013


Laulu ja sanat: Cadaver


Renditioned to a place unknown
Where time loses its meaning
Senses have nothing to work with
Deprive you of sanity

Create a blank slate to program
Made into reconfigured broken shell
But it's only the beginning
True blackness yet to reveal

Enter to the realm that lies beyond
There you receive final conditioning
In Hell written on your soul!

Cooled down below twenty degrees
As you're drained of your blood
Induce soul to exit body
Hover above, then below

A realm of eternal cold hate
No light is there for you to be seen

-   2 258 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Suomipoika 26.08.2013


Sanat: Joni Siponen

Tumma on taivas ja jänkä jäinen,
syntyy Suomipoika, pellavapäinen.
Äidinsä sylissä hän ihmettelee,
sinisillä silmillä syytä itkuun kyselee.
Onnesta ei tule kyyneleet nuo,
pelko lapsensa puolesta murheen tuo.
Julma on korpi ja pieni pirtti,
jossa isäs suvella itsensä hirtti.
Jaksanut ei ukko polku tätä,
ole sitkeä sinä, älä kesken jätä.
Jos korpi tappaa, niin sudet syö.
Itse kun lähdet, se rakkaitas lyö.

Suomipoika suoraan suosta,
karkuun ei tarvitse hänen juosta.
Suomen poika ei armoa anele,
Suomipoika, Perkele.

Korvessa kasvaa ja jängällä...

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Suomalaisen miehen laulu 16.10.2012


Tällasta jotain punkkiräimettä, joka kertoo siitä kun usein tuntuu, että mikään ei elämässä mene kohtuudella ;D

se on paskan hailee
minne vie tää tie
elon paskassa rypeä saa mies

mitä ikinä saankin
sen aina tuuli vie
mutta uudestaan noustaan otsa hies

jos tahdot minut pelastaa
ei voisi vähempää kiinnostaa

koska apua en kaipaa
ei mitään lahjaksi saa
vaan kaikesta joutuu maksamaan

itse raivaan tieni
tai matkalle jään
jossain täytyy olla matkan pää

jos tahdot minut pelastaa
takaisin en pysty maksamaan

8   1 495 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Just One More For The Road 04.04.2011


The road is calling me, I have to leave now baby!

-   0 365 kuuntelua

Tästä päivästä huomiseen 17.08.2010


Piti tehhä taas uus aluevalloitus

-   0 332 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Rising 25.11.2009



-   0 465 kuuntelua

No Tomorrow (For You And Me) 28.09.2009


Tämä on todellinen slovari. Eikai siitä muuta.

-   0 524 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Kesäyö 23.06.2008


Kesäinen rakkauslaulu kaikille joilla on haaveita: joillakin toteutuneita, joillakin vielä odottavia =)

8.67   0 960 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Running Through The Night 12.07.2009


Instrumentaaliheavya kitaratilutuksilla. Olen itse instrumentaalihevin ystävä, mutta harvoin tulee sellaista nauhoteltua syystä, että se ei oikein massoihin uppoa. Tarkoituksena olisi väännellä levyn verran matskua.

-   0 508 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Masters of War 01.11.2008


Suoraa heavy metallia iron maidenin hengessä!

8   1 734 kuuntelua
Folk Metal

Soturin tie (Sankarin tie) 22.11.2008


Suomenkielistä folkahtavaa metallia, joka kertoo tottakai sankarisoturista =)

9   1 547 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

A Blaze in the Dark Sky 13.08.2008


Pieni Neoklassista genreä edustava kikkailu.

8   0 698 kuuntelua

Helmassa sun 28.07.2008


Melodista discoheviä. Maailma näki vielä tänkin päivän =D

8.5   1 730 kuuntelua
Melodic Death

War Against the Machines 28.04.2008


Heviä kuin Göteborgin mailta konsanaan!

8   0 512 kuuntelua

Rakkaus ja ikävä 18.12.2007


Tällainen hieman The Rainin hengessä tehty biisi. Harmittaa vähän epävireiset laulut kohdassa, jos toisessakin, mutta minkäs teet.. muutaku reenaat.

9.33   1 991 kuuntelua

Miksen mä saa olla vaan? 03.10.2007


Pitkästä aikaa innostuin nauhottelemaan, ja tuli tällainen veisu. Lauluista ei kannata välittää, koskaan tätä ennen en oo itte sellasia nauhottanu :)

8   0 630 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Set You Free 13.08.2006


Uutta biisiä. Heavy/Power Metallia. Aika simppeliksi tehty, mutta toimii IMO hyvin. Laulut by Hurt!

9   3 1159 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Earth Child 16.08.2006


Paha luokitella tätä.. kohtuu hidasta ja raskasta metallia. Aika erilaista matskua kuin muut biisit. Laulajana Hurt.

9   1 805 kuuntelua
Melodic Metal

The Absent Mind 10.05.2006


Melodista perusheviä. Noin vuoden vanha piisi. Mahtavat vokaalit jälleen!

9.33   2 1013 kuuntelua
Power Metal

Call Of Xtughah 10.05.2006


Hieman eksoottisempaa soundia haettu tähän piisiin. Hieman yli vuoden vanha tämäkin.

9   1 646 kuuntelua
Power Metal

The Dark Spell 13.05.2006


Tämä on puhdasta power metallia. Mukana kuulemma kaikki genren kliseet.

9   1 811 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Futile 20.07.2006


Varmaankin jo useamman vuoden vanha piisi, mutta ihan hyvä IMO kaikessa yksinkertaisuudessaan. Tähän piisiin on laulanut Hurt, kiitokset hänelle! Ja kiitokset myös Barfingtonille soolon soittamisesta!

9   1 599 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

The Wanted 11.05.2006


Kasariheviä. Hieman huonohkot soundit, mutta ehkä näin päästään paremmin kasaritunnelmaan :P

8   1 653 kuuntelua
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