Magic History

Marco Rochowski | 11.11.2003 | Synthpop

This song i made over ten years's very synthpop a like with Laserdance bassline.The re recording is some month' s old...

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Pena47 05.04.2008
Ei huono
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DJ Synth 06.09.2006
I like this very mutch. This is very bright. I like that melody. I come very glad, when I listen this :) Just keep going
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Electron 13.11.2003
Well, no need to repeat what QSO said there. I like the chord stab section most, and of course the original juno bass always does the work. ;)
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qso 12.11.2003
Cool song - but you have made better ones, IMO. Melodies are good but probably lack that "ultimate hook" :)
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