Andrew 26.09.2009

It is brutal, primarily the Game of Love. Marco, please don't curtail the world of your music in the style of Game of Love, Orb to Fire and Theme! These have crawled me all over! :)

taikonaut 17.07.2008

one of the best spacesynth projects of this decade, sadly only two songs

gerana 20.05.2008

tää on paras proju<3

fatih 17.03.2008

you are wonderful energon

Nimetön 26.02.2008


Nimetön 01.10.2007

zoltan 24.07.2007

Man! Where can I purchase your albums? Masterpieces!

goodbrass 13.06.2007

I love your musci, Marco! Continue this way!

Mark Vera 24.04.2007

saattaa yks biisi olla, mut katotaan ny mihin tulee

syny 10.02.2007

aiottekos joskus duunailla lisää musaa tälle, yhdelle spacesynthin laadukkaimman oloisista projekteista?

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