Black Metal

Enter the Eternity 19.03.2016


From Septentrion - Our Eternal Years (2002)

-   0 136 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Of Dead Voices 18.03.2016


From Septentrion - Our Eternal Years (2002)

-   0 150 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Night of the Black Arts 13.02.2016


Septentrion - Night of the Black Arts

Free for all snälla monsterdiggare.

-   0 126 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Where the Corpse-lights still Waver 24.09.2015


/* Just cleaned up the low-end down so you can play it louder.
/* From Sepentrion - In Caligo (2002 demo)

In the dead of the darkest midnight
Beyond the great vast forests
In the still of the eclipsed moon
Forsaken by the long span of centuries
Apparitions dance in the marshes
Long-forgotten ones so ancient
Blue lights in the swirling fog
A great fear beyond memory

Where the corpse-lights still waver
Out of reach and almost out of sight
Where the shadows are long and dark
In the woods so forbidding and uncharted

It is here they all died so long ago
Trapped between this world and another...

-   0 158 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Final Song of Suffering 26.03.2015


Final Song of Suffering

Memories of shit
This pointless life
The world so depressing
All humans so annoying
And far away

So many things to consider
To ingest and synthesize
I just don't care anymore
I just want to stop
And sleep forever

-   0 170 kuuntelua
Black Metal

The Book of the Coming 28.01.2015


Song from 15 years ago.
21. ‎August, ‎2001

-   0 176 kuuntelua
Power Metal

Sodanjulistus 31.12.2014


Power Metal 17.3.2009

-   1 135 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Deepest Recesses of Hell 06.01.2015


When one must think of their life
Perhaps when their time is come
One realises where one has been
And what must await beyond

The deepest recesses of Hell
Are not deep enough for humanity
The darkest corners in Hades
Hold no hope for this life

We are born into a world of pain
Another is promised for those who fail
There can be no escape from suffering
If this accursed life must be eternal

The deepest recesses of Hell
Are not deep enough for humanity
The darkest corners in Hades
Hold no hope for this life

-   0 176 kuuntelua
Black Metal

The Philosophy of Death 29.12.2014


These great vast lands of a dying earth
A battlefield of moronic humans and their beliefs
Philosophies of less than logical conclusions
All just fighting for the sake of bloodshed

Infants crying, mothers bereft, caustic fighting
When death comes around, revenge is the final word
Circle of violence, a mindless philosophy of death
Children recruited to do the work of moronic men

All this makes one want to leave this world
Us with a long personal philosophy of death
If this is human, death is much better an option
Than to live in this mindless, pointless world

The victory is in the dying...

10   0 174 kuuntelua
Dark Ambient

Döden 18.12.2014


Teaser trailer. Maybe I will come back. With metal even.

-   0 171 kuuntelua

Tenebria main theme 21.09.2010


Composed for my long ago aborted Commodore 64 game Tenebria - The Dark Age. Unsurprisingly the game developement stopped when the 1541 drive messed up the disk. I shouldn't have used the replace command on the disk drive, but it was so much easier than to scratch a file before writing a new one... I used it once, and the whole disk was unusable.
Never ever use SAVE"@:important file",8,1 if you want to have your cake, and eat it too.

-   0 259 kuuntelua
Dark Ambient

To the Gods and the Goddesses of the Stars 24.01.2008


To the Gods and Goddesses of the Stars.

-   0 499 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Awakening in the Dark 29.11.2007


Like a crepuscular leviathan arose
from the blind harrowing depths so cold.
A sinister ghost growing, glistening
hollow lure of a disease out of time.

As a sightless worm, as a maggot gnawing
at the core of this leprous mimickry
of life, seemingly endless but long gone
with the persistence of blind visions.

Awakening in the dark
In a place devoid of all hope
Awakening in the depths
Into a cruel existence without end

-   0 609 kuuntelua

To Silence 18.10.2007


Breathing, but not alive
Dreaming, but not asleep
Crawling, but not gone enough
To forget the pain that lasts

In the hopeless canyon of the fleeting now
Screaming at heavens and crying at shadows
In the hopeless stillness of the present
Wishing away, away to neverending silence

If suffering it is that brings about art
Then let me die and banish the art forever
If life it is that brings about wisdom
Then let me die and be never the wiser

When the wholeness of being has been broken
And tears are all that are left to come
From the broken heart, hewn asunder by time
Let me die and never...

-   0 441 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Scars To Deny The Dreamwoods 28.07.2007


Words and images no longer come forth
Ashes of the forgotten realm are cold
All the ruins overgrown but unseen
Unfelt by the dying, ravaged mind

Lost are the dreamwoods of north
Of which the ancient visions told
Scars in the eyes prevent from seeing
Another moon rise over the snowfields

Blasted heaths and unknown graveyards
All the memories of old are now gone
Still dredging through a morass of woes
But without a vision, without dreams

-   0 487 kuuntelua
Fantasy Metal

A Change In The Earth 24.04.2007


I can feel it in the earth
I can feel it in the snow
I can feel it in the air
I can feel it within me

A change in the earth
Such a loss, incomparable
A change in the times
Such a loss, incomparable

A thousand years may pass
A thousand times thousand years
Ever still a thousand more
And yet it shall never be the same

9   2 692 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Metempsychosis Void 20.04.2007


To live again... such bleak a notion
And therefore untrue
The path is clear in the night
Before the dawn takes me

A void that lasts eternally
When all the dreams are dead
A void that seeks no solace
There is no return

Beware the dawn
Shadows it casts are mere illusions
While the wavering deep trenches
in the dark
in the primordial night
Relinquish all fear
To live again... never again
Before the dawn
The path is clear in the night
When the night takes me
Embrace the moon
Shadows it is casting are true

-   1 456 kuuntelua
Black Metal

In This Void 14.02.2007


All this pain and monotony of existence
All the cold inside, alone in thoughts
In this void I await the warmth of dawn
A futile thing that shall never materialize

The bleakest pale earthshine I enshrine
Like a dream that has slipped from memory
In this void I lie dead and woebegone
Dreaming of that which shall never materialize

Now riding the sky with the warriors of death
And then diving into the deep ocean of tears
But yet the emptiness inside keeps devouring
The last ragged pieces of a coherent whole

Passing high through the halls so hollow
Crawling beneath the dead dust of earth

-   0 377 kuuntelua
Folk Metal

Kivihauta 09.02.2007


Haudan lepoon laskettiin mahtimies aseineen
Lähti mukana toiseen maailmaan orjat ja vauraus
Ikiaikain taakse vaelsi merkkimies Tuonelaan
Hänen kivinen hautansa oli pyhä ja koskematon

Alla taivaan ei suurempaa surmaansa saanutkaan
Ei mahtavampaa manan majoille matkannut pohjolaan
Kylmän kiviarkun ylle suuri röykkiö nostatettiin
Mutta hänet niin kauan sitten unohdettiin

Vailla nimeä lepää muinaiskuningas mannullaan
Häväisty on pyhä maa, häväistyjä hyvien haudat
Häväisty on pyhä maa, häväisty on hänen uskonsa
Ja unohdettu on nimi mahtimiehen kivihaudassaan


8   4 714 kuuntelua
Folk Metal

Usvakallioista 02.02.2007


Usvakallioista - unmixed version

-   0 447 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Blood Upon The Burial Shroud 09.01.2007


A tomb enshrined by the funereal mist
Engulfing the body of the dead one
Eerie lights dancing over the cist
Black blood upon the burial shroud
Betrayed, flayed, laid to restless sleep
Under cold stone, in sempiternal darkness
Hoarse screams from beneath the cold mound
For those black souls with ears to hear
Blood upon the burial shroud
A martyr for the black brotherhood
Denied the fire of purification
A martyr for the black eternity
Let the stars deicide, let the sky fall
Upon the garden of pestilential lies
The screams from beyond shall forever echo
Of the dark sky and the blackened stars

8.5   2 627 kuuntelua

The Autumn Sun Goes Beyond The Sea 30.12.2006


An epic synthesizer composition.

-   0 411 kuuntelua
Folk Metal

Maan Henget 18.12.2006


Kun syrjäytynyt maan henki yössä ujeltaa
Luolassaan elämän susi valvoo nuollen haavojaan
Pakanaunelman ehkä joskus henkiin herättää
Muistoissaan kuollessaan yhä aina uudestaan

Terve maan henget, terve jumalat muinaiset!
Surussamme yhteisessä te olette ylivoimaiset
Terve maan henget, teille kuoleman terveiset!
Muinaiset henget, esi-isäimme henget!

Kun henkeni eloton katsoo maailmaa surussaan
Tyhjää maata, ja kylmää taivasta yllä sen
Silloin tähän murheeseen vain yksi lääke tehoaa
Se on hengen kuolema, maan lepoon ikuiseen

Terve maan henget, terve...

8.5   3 635 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Funeral of Mankind 28.09.2006


The rotting moonlight brewing philosophies
A conspiracy to overthrow the universal good
A plague to crush the believing human debris
A lust to trample life and reject humanity
The fountain of knowledge, blissful ignorance
All becomes as a sword to the pure-hearted
The crown of civilization becomes as a leash
And all the children of light shall be slain
It's the funeral of mankind, tarry no more
In the slumber of will, a war is at hand
Choose your side on the last final shore
It's all the same to me, I have already won
Lethargic visionaries and the vocal blind
Darkness is growing upon the...

8   1 564 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Again Comes the Frost 05.07.2006


In the dead of the black midwinter's night
When the snowclad woods have all blackened
And it is nearly freezing and also so bleak
And the fog floats above the dead roots

Now the frost comes again with the dawn
The pale sun is like unto a mirror of despair
As it freezes the earth and clothes the trees
In hoarfrost like so many times before

The sky has cleared and the stars are fading
To a short respite from the oppressing darkness
Soon faltering and giving way to a snowfall
That shall last throughout the arctic night

Now the frost comes again with the night
The red sun is like unto a...

8   2 534 kuuntelua
Black Metal

As the Dark Night Falls 08.06.2006


Coal-black skies beneath the shimmering moon
In the still land of ghosts
That traverse the starlit paths under the trees
All forgotten by time and by man
Where the pale shadows of the moon danced
Upon the snow where the darkness dwelt
Where the hollow wails from the graves
Echoed under the freezing funeral moon
Once the skies were ablaze with magic
And the earth held the secrets ineffable
Once the night was so beautiful
But also so very dark and mysterious
Alas, the crystal palaces are fallen
The sky is grey and the life is naught
Now when all journeys are ended
The dark night falls for the...

-   0 432 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Under the Cemetery Spell 16.06.2006


All that here ever was
Is all that ever shall be
'Twas a futile war against reality
The conqueror worm that gnaws
At the heart of all that ever lived
Our bodies so fragile and in dying
Our minds so fleeting and decaying
As wolverine flies we end our days
When the final hour is nigh
The pain of life that lasted
A life so quickly gone and wasted
The sorrow of lasting human misery
Buried and forgotten in eternity
Beneath the mound of woes and earth
Under the cruel cemetery spell
Here and now I live, and now I die
Under the cold cemetery spell

-   1 413 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Kaukametsä 20.05.2006


Kun harmaa sade lyö vehreän sammaleen päälle
Alla tuulen tuivertamien mäntypuiden
Kallionkolossa missä lähteen vesi uneksii
Kaukametsässä missä kuollut henkeni lepää

Ehkä silloin kun joskus isovuorelle vaellan
Kalliolle missä kuollut henkeni lepää
Yksinäisyydessä mille loppua ei ole
Ehkä silloin kun joskus merituuli huokaa

Kaukana poissa täältä, kaukana maailmasta
Jossa varjot on pitkät ja kyyneleet valuvat
Ehkä silloin joskus voin olla onnellinen
Yksinäisyydessä mille loppua ei ole

9.5   3 838 kuuntelua
Melodic Death

In A Scarlet Reflection 11.04.2006


The brilliant light of the sun
Once shone upon the world
But yet these times are grown dark
And shall ever darker become

The parasitic eve of the sidereal age has fallen
into the gloom of remembrance of the Ephemerals
Tears of the burning dawn, tears of a blazing sun
Conducting the true parsimony of all charity

In a scarlet reflection of the sun that is dead
The genetic disorder of the human kind is bred
Whereto did the shimmertraces of joy and hope flee?
Into what ineffable quantum-shifted reality?

Persistence of vision grants a last fading glimpse
Into the tower of lost comprehension...

9   2 588 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Last Waking Dream 17.03.2006


Once a dream came to me, so long ago
I walked upon the half frozen earth
Beneath the evergreen trees so high and dark
But the ground bloomed with deathly white flowers
I beheld a surreal light beyond the trees
Glittering upon the crystalline frost
And upon the pale flowers that bloomed
In that forest beyond the years
My mind is going, yet still I behold
In my waking dreams that forest of old
My life is draining, yet still I see
Those flowers through the fog
In that spring I shall never see
For it was a dream
Yet not all a dream
But it died with me

9   1 557 kuuntelua
Black Metal

My Black Unknown Grave 11.05.2006


Recorded 4.3.2003, re-mixed 11.5.2006

The pain will go on and on
From the night I was born
Until the day I reach
My black unknown grave
Shadows are growing long
My unholy soul is torn
No one do I beseech
My wretched life to save
Falling to the darkness
Where no memories remain
Nothing for me lose here
Only a death to gain
My black unknown grave...

9   2 706 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Before the white christ 07.03.2006


The stars were alight with a multitude of colours
In the deep blue sky dominated by the milky way
Our swords glimmered under the light of the moon
That shone unto us like the gods now forgotten

Before the white christ we were proud and stern
Before the false despicable slave mentality
Under the stars we rode, under the stars we fought
For the beliefs of our fathers, for ourselves

The stars are alight with the strength of our gods
The majestic bear, and the elk ship of our death
Can you harken to the song of the old pagan world
In the deepest woods where the spirits weep

Will your...

9   2 749 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Everburning Fire 25.02.2006


The snow has covered the fields of north
And here the thirteen candles are lit
The eight-footed stallion is harnessed
Strength burns in our blackened hearts

Born for burning, I enter my mountain
Possesed by the darkest demons of old
And the spirits of my fathers long gone
This is truly a fine day to die the everburning fire

The wind of destruction howls in my ears
My blood is frozen as the sun in setting
As I behold the blaze in the western sky
I am awakened by the everburning fire

Darkness, hear my call from this grave
I am become the destroyer of worlds
And the darkness gets ever...

9.5   3 709 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Rest In Eternity 23.02.2006


A corpse buried in the grave of frost
Beholding upward with his empty eyes
Whitened bones of a corpse long forgotten
Buried here in eternity but unremembered

I died a long ago in war and in glory
For my country and for all my beliefs
What good did they do for me in my grave
In this forgotten place where my body lies?

Rest in eternity...
Here lie the bones for centuries
Rest in eternity...
No one remembers what you fought for

A short life so soon cut off by war
Dreams of existence denied by humanity
Rest in eternity, you never were
You never shall be, rest in eternity

9   2 653 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Life Wants To Be Eradicated 14.02.2006


Thermodynamical pressure upon the parasitic organism
A ripple in the torn fabric of the universe
Sanctioned by a chance physical existence
Yet on the quantum level only uncertainty rules

Life wants to be eradicated

Delay of the inevitable will only lead to an imbalance
With radical consequences for the universal constant
The deconstruction cannot wait, life must be eradicated
Entropy must not decrease, one must embrace it

Life wants to be eradicated

Parasites that gnaw at the flesh of the universe
Expending the energy at an increasing rate
And the sickening face of a metaphysical being...

9   2 609 kuuntelua
Folk Metal

Ukonvasama 10.02.2006


Harmaa taivas yllä vehreän kentän
Hiljaisina kohoavat muistokivet miesten
Jotka täällä kaatuivat taistossaan
Puolesta maamme, puolesta pakanamaan

Kun ukonvasama lyö taivaalta kirkkaalta
Taara taittaa suurta katselmustaan
Murheessaan hän näkee meidän kärsivän
Alla ikeen meille vieraiden ajatusten

Syyttä tuomittuna kristinuskon ikeen alle
Tämä kansa tahdon pimeydessä vaeltaa
Sielun viimeisessä kalmistossa unohtaa
Että ehkä joskus kerran oli asiat toisin

Kun ukonvasama lyö taivaalta mustalta
Ukko vihassansa valkoista kristusta soimaa
Sillä verellämme on kirjoitettu...

9   5 872 kuuntelua
Folk Metal

Talviyön uni 11.01.2006


Tämä kylmä maa on meidät kasvattanut
Hyytävän pohjatuulen alla elämästä uneksimme
Tämä kylmä maa on meidät karaissut
Ehkä karvaan todellisuuden hyväksymään

Vaan silti unessa kaukana poissa vaellamme
Kentillä muinaisuuden kauniiden lehtojen
Missä viherlehdot kuutamossa kieloja kukkii
Missä harmaat muistot eloon heräävät

Kirkas on se taivas, tähtikirkas taivas
Kuten lumi se kimaltaa, pakkasyössä
Muinaisuuden unelmat kaukana poissa
Unohduksen ehkä saamme kun me kuolemme

Sillä sitä toivoo sielu, ja henkeni tyhjä
Mustassa maailmassa missä unelmatkin kuolee

9   4 1021 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Evighetens mørke skog 03.02.2006


Natten kommer...
Kan du øyne dets trist sjkønhet?
Inn i mørkets vogge...
Der sjelens tomhet hviler
Evighetens mørke skog
Vårt usynlig land fra drømmen
Evighetens triste vei
Til sorgens svarte myrer
En vind av minner
En nekrolog til det som er bort
Inn i evighetens mørke skog
Jeg drømmer av den dødfødt verden

10   1 712 kuuntelua
Black Metal

The Ghost of the Blackest Past 21.12.2005


Strange is the darkest of fires that burns
In the distant all-encompassing fog
Like the endless nightmare within a life
The tormented ghost shall never ever leave
This lifeless ravaged field
of the unburied unquiet dead

Passing through the starless night
A wisp of some ancient suffering
Wailing through all eternity
Dreamless in restless sleep

The ghost of the blackest past
A long dark shadow without end
The ghost of the blackest past
A cold wraith in dreamless sleep

How empty life is now when the end is near
A wish to follow that ghost into doom
How dark is the sky when the end is here...

-   1 556 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Hiljaisuuden kehdossa 06.01.2006


Elämän taival, joka käy kehdosta hautaan
alkaa viattomuudesta ja päättyy murheeseen;
surun taival, matka murheen murtamaan
loppuun, katkeraan loppuun luovuttaakseen.

Unessa elämä ei ole niin pahaa,
unelmissa ehkä kauneus kukoistaa.
Ja hengen palon voi toteuttaa
hänkin joka elämään kirottu on.

Hiljaisuuden kehdossa elämä kukoistaa,
ei tässä karussa, kylmässä maailmassa.
Hiljaisuuden kehdossa elämä kukoistaa,
ei tässä pimeässä, tyhjässä maailmassa.

8.33   4 717 kuuntelua
Black Metal

The Cemetery Lights Up 14.12.2005


(A Tribute to Per Yngve Ohlin & Øystein Årseth)

Another life passed by, in the void of dreams
Unfullfilled promises of a future never seen
The blue light that passes beyond the sight
Still lingers in the memory, recalling the pain

A pain of existence, of the remaining consciousness
Netherworldly shapes that float in the distance
A carousel of cremated minds, notions of bleakness
In the cold of the moon the cemetery lights up again

The cemetery lights up again
Just like in ancient times
When the dead lingered
Over the grave of the soul

Those humans that died, so very long ago
In the...

9.5   2 729 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Loneliness 01.12.2005


Drifting clouds, snow
Blue lights in the distance
Beyond the woods
Dancing in the cold
Of the winter night
Beyond the woods
Where the dreams
Died a long ago
In loneliness
In pain
In loneliness
And in pain

Torment, it never stops
Solitude turns to loneliness
Loneliness to a cold grave

Drifting snow,
Upon the frozen earth
Iceclad ground
In loneliness

To rest a tired mind
Release from the pain
To rest a tired soul
Release from the pain
From the dead woods
That cannot be seen
For the dead trees
In an eternal expanse

9   1 590 kuuntelua
Folk Metal

Rautamiekka 18.11.2005


Kun rautamiekka loimussa ahjon
Sai muodon ylevän ja tappavan
Muinaisuuden valtiaat sen takoivat
Heidän kädessään oli kohtalo

Pakanatulessa voiton sälpä taottiin
Ahjossa Ilmarisen, sepän voittamattoman
Hengellä pakanasielujen

Kristittyjen verellä se karaistiin
Mahdilla Suomen muinaiskuninkaiden
Viholliset kaikki alas lyötiin

Liian kauan on aikaa siis
Kun täällä miekkamme itse taottiin

Kauan sitten pois meni kunnia
Ja kauan sitten katosi loisto
Muinaisuutemme suurten valtiaiden
Ja ruostunut on rautamiekkamme

9   4 1243 kuuntelua
Black Metal

A Thin Shade of Being 18.10.2005


Evocative shadows passing over the grey hills of my dreams
of the fullmoon lit landscape bereft of movement,
where I wander in my solitary quest for being.
But the flittering image in my mind is growing faint,
and the sky of my dreams has turned grey like dust,
whereupon the moon is only a faint patch in the fog.
And the stillness is broken by the cold cruel wind
that blows from the bleak northern steppes,
without remorse it engulfs me in the darkness.
A crematory smoke strikes my senses, and soon I behold
the morbid shadow in the vast distant horizon
almost hidden by the ever darkening...

-   0 522 kuuntelua
Folk Metal

Muinaisuuden valtiaat 23.09.2005


Ajan usvaseinän takana on valtakunta kuolemattomien
Maa ihmisten unohtama, jossa kuninkaamme lepäävät
He jotka antoivat meille verensä

Heidän sielunsa elävät tämän maan kalliossa
Heitä meidän käy kiittäminen
Mutta heidät niin kauan sitten unhoittettu on

Unohdetut valtiaat, muinaisuuden valtiaat
Kadotettu historia, lähde henkemme palon
Missä laulu kunniasta pakanamahdin soi?
Missä laulu jumalista jotka meidät loi?

Nyt kaikuu notkossa saarelmain vain hiljaisuus
Ja unohdettuina lepäävät luut kuninkaidemme
Metsiemme henget itkevät läpi vuosien mustien

9   2 912 kuuntelua
Black Metal

In the Mist of Long Years 16.09.2005


Veiled in the deepening morning mist
The rising sun fails to warm the heart
And the shadow of the eclipse hurries forth
Like some blackest column of doom

The sky darkens, and the warmth is gone
Seeking to behold the rising sun
But yet it is hidden beneath the moon
And the mist of grey clouds

All alone under the darkening sky
In the mist of long years bygone
One realises the end of all things
And the futility of all life

The stars are veiled and the sun's rays
Never reaching the eyes, nor the heart
All shadows disappear into the gloom
And this empty life ends all too soon

-   0 576 kuuntelua
Black Metal

To My Night Unleashed 26.08.2005


(A little bit of old school melodic black metal)

Untarnished that which lay dormant
So many years beneath the snow
Awakening from the deepest of dreams
...until they shall sleep again

Preserved emotions in the cold
Recollections soaring high
So far beyond, soon out of reach
...until they shall sleep again

Now enter my night unleashed
Where the stars fell and my goddess
Tearswept, died a thousand deaths
Frozen in the cold of existence

To never reach the summerlands
In the torrent of december hails
Frost covers the stoneless grave
Yet again a return to nothingness

-   0 547 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Misanthropy 19.08.2005


The spurce trees sing in the wind
An eternal hollow inside becalmed
The echo of the sea in the distance
And the last light of the sun dies

My yearning to the cold lifeless void
Where the stars have passed their end
To that age when the lives of humans
Become a meaningless forgotten memory

I never lived, I never breathed like men
Whose lust is for the life
I heard the song within
A lullaby for the eternity in the void

6   1 649 kuuntelua
Folk Metal

Pohjatuulten takana 12.05.2005


Hiljaiset aavat katsovat meitä kaukaisuudestaan
Missä kylmä tuuli ujeltaa lunta kuljettaen
Missä myös legendatkin nousevat unohduksestaan
Missä unet heräävät eloon meitä tuuduttaen

Pohjatuulten takana on unelmiemme valtakunta
Kylmän tulen ja kuuman jään maa
Pohjatuulten takana tähtikirkas taivas
Itkemään meidät aina saa

Sillä täällä on heidän hautansa
Jotka kauas katsoivat, mutta lyhyeen jäi
Heidän matkansa kohti pohjolaa
Täällä he laulavat unelmistaan

Hiljaiset aavat katsovat meitä kaukaisuudesta
Missä revontulet tumman taivaan värjäävät
Pukevat sen...

9.29   7 1607 kuuntelua
Black Metal

To Die The Death 29.05.2005


To Die The Death

A dream, upon the frozen life that never even existed
Perchance to dream in the heat death of the universe
When my rotted corpse is long gone from this earth
And no one will even remember what I ever lived for

No putrid human to speak their ugly kind words
To this hollow shell that died so many years ago
A corpse in waiting, a wake that lasted too long
A corpse in waiting, in darkness eternal

Tears that were shed were all for nothing
All the shadows that lurked were meaningless
Only a dream remained until the very end
To crush and dominate everything that lives

To die...

-   0 773 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Crosses On Fire 31.05.2005


Heavy Metal with some King Diamond -style vocals here and there.

8.5   2 650 kuuntelua
Folk Metal

Kalevanpoika 06.05.2005


Syntymässä minä jo sain nimekseni Kaleva
Sillä esi-isäni jo kauan sitten muinaisuudessa
Taistelivat jättiläisten suurella hengellä
Voimalla ikimetsiemme ja rantojemme ainiaan

Unelmista on tämä maa, unelmista ja raudasta
Ja vaikka synkkä henkemme meidät maahan lyö
Emme koskaan luovuta, emme periksi anna
Ja sateen jälkeen aurinko aina pilkahtaa

Sillä minä olen Kalevanpoika, jättiläisten sukua
Kun minä itken, itken verellä esi-isien
Kun minä vihaan, taivaatkin saavat tuta
Ja minä kun nauran, nauran iloa ja elämää

7   2 1295 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Isle of the Dreams Perished 29.04.2005


I behold the sky darkening above
I behold the sea storming afar
Where I dreamt my final fading dream
Where I fell into the gloom of years

On the isle of the dreams perished
I shed my eternal tears to no avail
Even as the autumns came and vanished
There seemed to be no end to the pain

The raging tide is tearing at my heart
And the emotions that are still lingering
What in forgotten times was remembered
Is now only a source of untold pain

-   0 520 kuuntelua
Black Metal

The Passage Into The Sleep In Eternity 09.03.2005


The Passage Into The Sleep In Eternity

An autumnal night, the woods are still
Only the sea sings in the far distance
If this is the peace I wish away
Away with the dawn, into silence

The raging storm inside must be calmed
The pounding heart tamed to stillness
All thoughts banished, into silence
All tears swept into the cold grave

When I lay myself to rest this night
I will never live to see another dawn
Even as the lamp's flickering fire fades
My eyes are closing for the last time

To pass away to the sleep in eternity
To cross the beautiful threshold of peace
Where no tears flow, no...

-   1 521 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Navigating the Sea of Despair 24.02.2005


Life within a long lost dream, in seclusion
Traversing the mud of black, nameless shores
Seeking to drown, afloat in the sea of despair
Perchance to quit fighting the inevitable doom

A hollow within, in a hollow world
Demoralized by the continous disease
Of human existence, incurable until
All human life has been wiped from the face of the earth

A shadow passes over the wasted lands
The foam glittering in the starlight
A wave of unbearable thoughts
In the dream that once must come true

-   0 603 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Obscured By The Fog Of Years 21.02.2005


The failure of coherence is imminent
Within the core of all philosophies
The equilibrium is shattered to pieces
With each added notion of humanity

All words have become as dull swords
With the passing of obscuring years
I am the fist in the face of life
I am the conqueror in despise

Rotated symbols lose their meaning
With the passing of obscuring years
No record can remain of thoughts
Unsullied, untainted, all will perish
Even as I look into the abyss
I am speculating in the mirror

Perishable darkness, recycled thoughts
Meaningless screams from nothingness
In the deepest recesses of the...

-   0 597 kuuntelua
Heavy Metal

Northern Darkness 21.02.2005


Ei tarvitse kertoa että on aika kliseinen heavybiisi. Teinpähän tällaisenkin. :)

-   0 523 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Pain Never Leaves 21.02.2005


When I was first born I knew that it will never cease
A suffering that was within me twentysix years ago
Is till within me, aching me, and still I dream release
A hopeless quest for inner peace long forfeit

No one knows the pain I feel
The dream I live in
Night after night I wish to depart
This mortal world forever

Failed at being a human being
A future all laid out in front of me
It all now has ceased to exist
For I am alone and nobody cares

An ancient survival to this day
How I failed and how I lived
To be a man such as I can be
In the cold abyss of black dreams

-   0 491 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Agnus Dei, Lupus Noctis 15.02.2005


An ancient mechanical god that demands worship
Deus ex machina, wallow in your false beliefs
Lamb of christ, like a candle in vacuum
Empty in the voracious absolute freezing point

A desire nothing but to appease the hunger
The death is the life to the lupus noctis
In the cycle of existence, no room for remorse
Neither tommorrow nor yesterday can exist

An ancient mechanical god that demands blood
In saecula saeculorum, no growth in humanity
To reject is blasphemy, the path of wisdom
The deepest spirituality lies in rejection

A passage into the long winter of the wolf
Mystic visions devoid...

7   3 628 kuuntelua
Black Metal

To Psychosis 11.02.2005


I can sense a singularity of hate
Growing within me and toward me
A forboding emptiness is filling me
While I still grasp this reality

The walls - they are crumbling
There can be no peace
A vision that no hope can exist
In this decrepit world

Depression makes way for
A descent to psychosis
The darkness is eternal
A descent to psychosis

Doomed to repeat the cycle ever again
If there will be another dawn
Tears will flow from my empty eyes
As I again fall into insanity

-   0 515 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Dead Inside (The Legacy Remains) 13.02.2005


The freezing moon is still calling
A dust out of years moving in the cold
Woeful corpses with painted faces
Humans die but the legacy remains
A past life, ended pain
Humans die but the legacy remains
Distant memories of human agony
Passing into the fog of years

10   1 668 kuuntelua
Folk Metal

Return To The Shoreless Sea 29.01.2005


Ages pass, the shadows dance upon the high restless seas
Through storm, through the cold whipping winter rain

At nightfall when the titan waves turn to crimson
Once again I shall return to the shoreless sea
When the high towers of my fallow dreams crumble
I shall leave behind the verdant vales of north

I shall make my way beyond the garden of the fallen leaves
Beyond these grey hollow skies of ecstacy and pain

For so long I have yearned the redeeming peace
Under stranger stars, in everlasting rest
Beneath the waves of the shoreless seas
In the cold embrace of my weeping goddess

7.5   2 927 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Revelation of Death 12.06.2004


"Welcome to my revelation..."

I remember this my journey to darkness
That began a long ago with a revelation
I remember the emotions that are gone
For ever with the revelation of death

All illusions lie crumbled to dust
Life is but a long road to the eternity
Of dreamless sleep, without suffering
That existed in that lost life before

I have seen what people call happiness
Which is but a rotting stack of lies
I have seen what people call sorrow
Which is but a rotting stack of lies

7.67   2 1048 kuuntelua
Black Metal

The Warrior's End 11.06.2004


Omistettu edesmenneelle suurelle vaikutajalleni Quorthonille. Kappale on sävelletty ja nauhoitettu 9.6.2004, nostaessani maljaa Bathorylle. Lepää kunniassa.

Fallen brother now beyond the reach of our hail
Unto thee we now here raise our drinking horns
As thou rejoicest in thy father's hall
In the feast of glory eternal

Warrior of strength, warrior of might
Thy death will not have been to no avail
Warrior of north, warrior of might
In our hearts thy legacy will remain

Fallen brother, the true and mighty son of Oden
Unto thee we now here raise our drinking horns
As thou rejoicest in the...

8.2   7 1224 kuuntelua

A Battle Out of Dreams Beyond the Distan 01.10.2004


A Battle out of Dreams Beyond the Distant Stars

An epic synthesizer composition.

9   1 824 kuuntelua
Black Metal

Death of the Soul 04.11.2004


A hollow dream of things that were
Wailing in the night that forever lasts
In the mist that obscures the life
A black haze of unfulfilled promise

I turn away, into the twilight of the heart
Dreaming rogue thoughts that run amok
There shall never be peace in the dark
The demonized emotions still haunt me

Remorse there shall be none
Alone in the cold void of death
No glorious future in peace
The eternal death of the soul

Tears run free and the darkness endures
Psychotic perseverence in this life
Shall end in the disgrace of suicide
Whether by hand or by wasting away

8   0 757 kuuntelua
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