Tears after nightfall

Andrion | 02.05.2006 | Hard Rock
9.50   690 kuuntelua

Kappaleen sanat

From the shadowy evening,
'til the haze of the night,
I looked but could not see.
Moving out of the darkness,
stepping into the light,
you came walking to me.

Silver teardrops will fall, baby,
silent voices will call.

No more tears after nightfall,
truth is there for you to find.
No more pain or sorrow.
No more tears after nightfall,
yesterday has gone behind.
Waiting for new tomorrow.

You were lost, wanted answers,
asked me if the sun will rise,
how to stop you from falling.
I told to take all your chances,
life is just a roll of dice,
and the winner takes all.

Silver teardrops...

No more tears after nightfall...

I've played all my cards,
so you kept on walking.
Now I'm done with all your games,
let my guitar do the talking.

No more tears after nightfall...


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