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The northeast wedding process specifically analyzes the local custom notes

?Everyone knows that people in northeast China are very generous and simple, and due to the regional differences, there are some different customs in north and south China, as well as wedding customs. The following content will bring you the northeast wedding process related content, interested friends quickly see.

??4 the dowry

??Northeast wedding process -- preparation before departure

??1. Four-color gifts: meat (2 ribs), fish (2 ribs), green onion (4 shallots) and powder (4 sticks).

??2. Cover the large well in the front and back of the new house with red paper.

??3. Guests' flowers are worn by the wedding attendants, while the breast flowers of the bride and groom and the breast flowers of the wedding guests are not worn for the time being.

??4. The number of persons transporting the bride and groom shall be double (8, 10 and 12).

??5. The total number of convoys (except video vehicles) shall be double (6, 8 and 10 in general). What is the key to understanding the process of marriage in northeast China

??To marry him

??Northeast wedding process -- to the bride's home

??Northeast wedding process -- to the bride's home (1-4)

??Knock: the groom knocks at the door and calls for mom to open it and dad to open it.

??2, endeavoured: the bride parents stood at the door to greet the man ridiculous, consists of the groom to introduce my father-in-law to ridiculous relatives elders (start), handshake greetings everyone entering, by the bride's parents and family relatives to entertain the man ridiculous people eat (commonly known as; No empty mouth or sweet mouth.

??3. Proposal of marriage: the groom offers flowers to the bride on one knee and says some romantic words that can touch the bride.

??4. Wear each other's corsage: the bride and groom wear each other's corsage and take a photo.

??To eat noodles

??Northeast China wedding process -- to the bride's home (5-6)

??5, the groom change: the bride parents took my seat, the bride and groom stand good for parents, the bridegroom official start calling call mom and dad three bows, groom give daddy some root XiYan, dial the piece and joyful for her mother, parents enjoy groom change money (one copy each of the parents, each one thousand and one yuan, on behalf of only one good son-in-law), the parents of the bride and groom future life to say a few words of hands, entrust, blessing, the groom promise my father-in-law to the bride, filial piety the parents, the bride and groom pose with their parents.

??6. Noodles: a bowl of noodles and two eggs. The bride and groom eat each other's noodles.

??# 7, changing on shoes: are usually performed by the bride sister (no sister younger relatives may also be other peers or replace), the bride will groom get in the car, spread a piece of red cloth new shoes here, sister to the bride and groom fold after wear the shoes to old shoes to watch sister change shoe money.

??8. When relatives of both parties get on the wedding bus, their parents get on the bus first, while the husband's relatives get on the bus later, no empty bus is allowed. (with the exception of the bride's meat, bring back half of the other items).

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