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They are in beauty all year round, not because of this stripe.

They are in beauty all year round, not because of this stripe.

The summer also came to us with a brisk pace. "Striped" single product can be used as an internal or a single product to walk into the trend of retro fashion, simple and easy, easy and easy. Use "stripes" for this summer to bring the first blush of coolness.

The "character" of the "stripe" has won a lot of good people with its "character". In the fashion of the wind and clouds, one time after another appears in the public eye, the style is not less. Simple plain appearance let hip appear natural and not artificial, different materials, version to switch back and forth for stripe unlined upper garment injected new soul, the soul of "interesting" to make it become a joker basic everybody loves.

When the cartoon and Logo are no longer in the road, the striped shirt also shoulders the important role of reducing age. Red lips and curly hair are no longer suitable for everyone, and the striped shirt becomes retro. This is the perfect feature of the basic style, and it can't go wrong at will, and no personality is the best character. Wear a new fashion in early summer, starting with a striped shirt.

Simple and casual, the stars can't let it go.

Water blue stripe shirt, tie-in a black plaid skirt, the dress of inequation is cut with skirt to form and very good echo, stereo geometrical feeling passes the interspersion between lines better performance. It is said that vertical stripes are not easy to handle, so it is not necessary to learn the visual impact of Lin yun's wearing the less obvious stripes, and also to interpret the natural and casual style better.

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