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Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe Grace Moretz isn’t interested in conforming to Hollywood standards of beauty.

The American actress rose to fame in hit movies like Kick-Ass and historical adventure Hugo. While she is one of Hollywood’s most in-demand young stars, the 19-year-old reveals that throughout her career people in the film industry have put pressure on her to change the way she looks. Accordingly, Chloe has suffered some issues with body confidence.

“I used to get told to change my teeth all the time, because I had a gap… and I was told that to help give me more of a waistline, they could take out some ribs,” she told Britain’s Glamour magazine. “Also, I had some acne when I was younger, so there was a lot of pressure to deal with that.”

With the support of her mother Teri and four older brothers, Chloe was able to brush off the unnecessary criticisms and focus on her career instead. And while the blonde beauty does try to take care of herself, she never denies herself the odd treat, just like any other teenager.

“Because although I do own my insecurities now, I still have days where I’ll look at a picture of myself and wonder if I should change up my diet or my training. But I’m only 19! So, I fluctuate a ton – and I want to be able to go out and have three slices of pizza with my friends occasionally,” she explained.

An area which Chloe is focused on conveying a realistic sense of body image is through her work with American high fashion brand Coach. Starring in recent campaigns for the luxury label, Chloe collaborated closely with creative director Stuart Vevers on the style and look of the imagery.

“I think we both found inspiration together about who the Coach girl really is and what the brand means. So, it’s not just about posing in front of the camera; it feels really personal to me,” she shared.

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