Melodic Metal

Until Tomorrow 05.01.2004


Let's start 2004 with some loud noise! This sucker was originally written way back in 1998, now I decided to re-record it. "Once more at crossroads of my life..." Some fun for guitarists included, too.

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Melodic Metal

Treadmill 10.10.2003


When I saw Metallica's St. Anger video, I thought I wanna sweat like Lars Ulrich! So that's how the main riff came about. Lyrics are (once again) about the modern man, lost in the wheel that spins ever faster.

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Melodic Metal

Animals At Work 07.04.2003


Well... I guess David Coverdale could have written lyrics like this without feeling embarrassed... A nice piece with alternating vocal lines. Slimy.

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Melodic Metal

Children 27.01.2003


...Aren't we all? A song about a darker side of being. Written in Oct 2002, the vocal style isn't most typical JT, as the melodies are quite low pitched. More shadows than usual...

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Power Metal

Two Views 28.01.2003


Rythmical guitars and high-pitched vocals with just a bit of classical influences in the modulations. Killer chorus. Lyrically something about being here, there and beyond.

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Melodic Metal

Desperate Times 27.01.2003


A medium fast riffer with lyrics pondering the state of today's people. Inspiration struck while cycling to work one morning last summer.

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