Rentboy In Love

The Stunning Guns | 14.01.2007 | Rock
10.00   1101 kuuntelua

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I am a rent boy
I live in Camden Town
I´ll give you everything
If you are feeling down
I am the real McCoy
And I do pretty boys
No time for sad thoughts
This town is full of joys

Rentboy in love
Love at the first sight
Rentboy in love
In the heat of the night
Rentboy in love
Is this the real thing?
Rentboy in love
My god you make wanna sing

I was just hangin 'round
Looking for action
Then I spotted you
At Eastend station
You look so good
You wanna come with me?
Let´s go to your place
And be like Pee-Wee

Rentboy in Love...

Why you´re so nervous
Is this your first time?
Don´t be afraid now
Oh this is not a crime
Let´s make it true
I think you want it too
I this feels so good
I think I <3 You

Rentboy In Love...


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Eddie_A 15.01.2007
"Täst tulee mieleen... Hanoi Rocks? tai siis urheiluruutu!!!!"
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Jimmyjazz 14.01.2007
Tänään Urheiluruudussa Janne Mäkikotka :D
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Salamasormi 15.01.2007
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