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This new 4-track masterpiece from talented singer-songwriter Pudel Blanco is an expressive EP of love & adoration. With the intention of expressing how easy love is, Pudel Blanco culminated all those passion driven emotions and channeled it into this latest release. The eponymous title track 'Sofia' is a dense soundscape of expertly layered timbres: huge acoustic drums, gently plucked & soothing guitars, airy synths playing arpeggiated melodies interwoven ingeniously into the mix, crunchy, power chord-driven electric guitars filling out the chorus and the mix is idyllically completed with an emotionally powerful vocal performance from Pudel Blanco himself. Each of the EP's following tracks follow this similar Alt Rock format reminiscent of a 'Californication,' era of Red Hot Chilli Peppers fused with the sonically expansive tones of modern synths. 'Sofia,' is a remarkable piece worth any listeners' time. 
Serving up his own blend of alternative, punk rock, Pudel Blanco is a fresh face to the Finnish music industry.  Describing himself as 'Human the myth', the artist is shrouded in mystery.  The first glimpse of Pudel Blanco can be discovered in this debut EP 'Sofia', revealing a truly driven and stirring musician on a mission to bring a fresh perspective to the scene. You can expect a lot more from Pudel Blanco as we move into 2023, a year with many exciting plans and projects on the way. 
Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, CMX, Daft Punk, Smashing Pumpkins, Queen of the Stone Age,


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