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Kirjoittaja Old Shit in English JAY LOU mut tollon viä Couch Case

JAY LOU alias SneiKKi HeiKKi
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#1 kirjoitettu 19.05.2021 05:23 Muok:19.05.2021 05:24

"After My Coming" 2 verse 16.6.2009
Löytyy Mikseristä HAKU: Old Shit in English koko biisi jonka julkaisin 2009 kun tein vielä englanniksi.

As I'm sad, I just make pretext/
I don't wanna talk my feelings 'cause tou think, it is pretence/
I just wanna be alone and it's my revenge/
I love my dreams but as someone come my life, I already think next/
You believe me as I say: womens used just a sex/
After my coming everything change/
But not good, things goin mess/
Like everybody close from me says/
I made troubles for everyone/
Like my neighbour parents son/
He hear my songs/
He speak like me/
He dreamd suicide bombs/
And say family dinner that he wanna be just like me/
Just like CC/
After my coming/
Now we have crminal fucking dummy/
My whole life was million to-one shot/
If I do for that shit money/
I take what I got/
Kids listen what I speak/
My drug addict mom who hide my room and sneak/
My girlfriend who drop down cause she cheat/
She was so down she another ship/
We love others but she woulnd't start new ship/
I was so mad, why you do this?/
I smoke couple of joint and think/
"Hey, can we talk, why you dont trust me?"/
"How the hell we can a be just a friends if you fuck me?"/
Okay, I'm do stupid things and bad tricks/
But you made both of our lives one big shit/
You can't understand that I love you bitch/
I never hurt you, I love you bitch/
After my coming, people start afraid/
I remember when I get free and my first date/
Me and this girl meet, talk and date for month/
Then she heard some a asswhole who I'm we keep a break/
After all of this I start drunk/
You never see my happy ending/
'Cause this is reality/
Not some fuckin' dreamlanding/
After my coming, you can make me guilty/
This is real me/
Bitch you see me?/
Kids you hear me?/

JayfakinLou muokkasi viestiä 05:23 19.05.2021

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#2 kirjoitettu 27.08.2021 03:41

En lukenut textejä mut hemmetin kovaa kamaa ku kuuntelin. Aitoa. Putoo.

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