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Queen of Mist


Sleepless river flows forever
In my heart there's endless heat
Other side we'll be together
Bow to thee at thy throne seat

Ruthless ocean lives forever
In my soul there's endless cold
After dusk we'll be together
Our everlasting bund soon will unfold
Silver moon rise every night
No happiness, there's no sorrow either
Lust and battle, it's our astral right
There's no time no more borrow

Gloomy darkness cockin' it's head
Shadow from the past is here (to stay...)
Assuring me that thou are not dead
I've lost remains of final fear
How could I knew what was difference
Between Good and spoken Evil
Without thee there was only silence left
Only mourning left since thee went away

At thy grave I'll toast my bitter
Prayin' please come back to me
There's no colors, there's no glitter
By new dawn there will be we (just we two)

'Cause my night is haunted by thy ghost
Nightmares are my only joy
All alone feels like I'm tied to a gallow's post
Queen of mist takes mortal boy

To whip and embrace is all that we got
Our midnight session, exciting and hot
Wild creatures and beasts, just give 'em a shot
Oh baby show me that sweet that you've got

Kirjoitettu Thursday 11.08.2022


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